Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My 21st Birthday.

My 21st birthday was a day I will always remember, not only because I turned 21, but because it was my very first birthday without my family being with me. I talked to them many times yesterday on my phone, but I just missed them being with me. I went to work where my older sister made me a birthday cake and my boss gave me a beautiful purse and a necklace.
Happy Birthday Aunt Ginger!! Yup, that is what she is saying!!! Isn't that cute???LOL

After work I went back to Mimi's, where I was able to rest for a couple of hours before I went over to my older brother Stephen's house for a cookout. Mackenzie and her sister and dad came over to give me my gifts. Three beautiful pairs of earrings, a gift card to my favorite store, JCPennys, and the cutest window cling birthday cake that Maddie made herself!

Of course I also spent my birthday with my two favorite nephews!!!! As soon I came into the daycare yesterday morning Patrick ran over and said Happy Birthday Aunt Ginger!!!

Just to let you know, he is reading a Lori Wick book. Yup, I am training him young:)

Before I left work yesterday I was told someone was at the door for me. After asking one of the boys to come with me, because I had no idea who this man was, so I needed a five year old body guard with me, I opened the door to see a man with a candy bouquet "Are you Ginger?" "Yes?" "So you are Stephen's sister?" "Yup." "This is for you. Happy birthday!" Isn't that sweet? My brother and sister in law and baby niece sent me a candy bouquet!

I just thought that was the sweetest thing ever. Of course my birthday was just a little bit sweeter when I was able to get my little niece in my arms. Oh, isn't she just a doll? I can't believe how much she has grown. She was three weeks old on my 21st birthday!My Aunt Barbara bought me a cheese cake for my birthday (My favorite type of cake) With strawberries. It was very good.
So, all in all, I had a very good 21st birthday. Thank you all for all your birthday wishes!! I really liked them all. Of course to end my birthday post, I need too put at least one more picture of Alyvia...


Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Baby!

How did this happen? You were just born.Then you started kindergarten
(remember,Mrs.H?) It just snowballed from there and now my baby is 21. Looking forward to the next 21 years of being your mom.

Love and 21 candles,

Dad said...

Happy b-day,Ginger! Hope it was great. It was great talking to you on your birthday. Love you,

Arnie said...

Happy Birthday Ginger,
I Love You!

Carole said...

Happy birthday Ging,
Wish I was there with you. ((Sob)) ((Sniff)) Well hope to see you soon.
Luv you,

Anonymous said...

Oh what cute pictures!!!!!! It sounds like you had a good day even though you were away from home. :| The candy bouquet is too cool! What fun to have that delivered to work! The cheesecake looks yummy--and of course Patrick and Alyvia are adorable! Love the ones of you and Alyvia!!


Mackenzie said...

21. Wow. I can't wait for it to be my turn!!

P.S. Is there a SPECIFIC reason why you wrote down that cheescake is your favorite kind of cake?? Just wonderin'.

Tiffany said...

You are certainly blessed with a wonderful family. I am glad you were able to have a happy birthday even though you were away from home. I know you are super busy but it is so good to hear from you again!

Jennifer said...

Happy late birthday!!! My birthday was also this week:) Hope yours was great..

Jessica said...

Hey Ginger!

I'm sorry I haven't been here in a while. I've had a very LONG battle with a UTI. But the Lord blessed and it's gone now. :)

First of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

And second... Congrats!!! on having a new little neice. I know how exciting that is. I have 7 neices and nephews. :)

Hope you are haing a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday - 21 is such a fun age!!

Amber said...

hey girl!
sorry I haven't been on your blog for awhile! :(

Looks like you had a great b-day, that cake looks SO yummy too!

I am finally a AUNT for the very first time and i just LOVE it!!

have a good weekend!

Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Happy belated b-day!!! I hope it was VERY special!!