Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Wonder.

Words can not express the joy in my heart over my newborn niece. As pride overwhelms my being and shakes the inner parts of myself, I feel so overly blessed over the precious miracle God has given to our family. My love for my big brother just swells my heart when I think he is now not only my big brother but a daddy...wheph....What a thing!! I am so happy I could leap with joy, and am counting the days, hours, until I can see her. Nope, I am afraid I still haven't seen her. I wouldn't dare go near her since I was sick earlier this week. But this a whole knew story...yup Lord willing I will meet this baby niece of mine this weekend!!!

To hold you over until I get some with me in the picture:)


Anonymous said...

How sweet!!!!!!!!!!!! She is just adorable!!!!

Thank you! ;)


Stepheny Weaver said...

How exciting! She is beautiful!

Please pray for my sister, she woke up, was fine, but a few minutes later, started holding her head and screaming. She can't open her mouth and/or lift her head. Please pray that it's nothing serious! I am pretty worried!

Thanks, Steph

Anonymous said...

Can you say CUTE! (Sigh) I can't stop thinking of her. She is just wonderful! I can't wait to hold her!!! TOMORROW TOMORROW we will see her TOMORROW it's only a DAY A WAY!! (sing Ginger) TOMORROW TOMORROW...LOL..
Luv U,
Carole AKA (Aunt Carole)

Mimi and Papa said...

Wow,Our first grandaughter! We can't wait to see her beautiful little face,hands and feet.Can't forget the feet. What is sweeter than tiny,little baby toes?

Love and teeny tiny diapers,

Mimi and Papa

Bethan Louise said...

She is just beautiful! Congratulations on becoming an Aunt!

Mackenzie said...

AWWWWWWWW! She is super cute!!!