Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sniffles...soreness...and ME..

I will totally skip the apologies for not blogging.

I am on my Thanksgiving break. It's so nice having a break even though I do miss my little "people" and can't wait to see their smiling faces and wrap them up in their ready hugs.

I have been enjoying this break at my Mimi's house. It was not planned for months it was the spur of moment thing and I grabbed the opportunity.

Me and a few friends went to a popular city for the day and had a blast and it just so happens my Mimi lives near that popular city so I stayed here at the end of the day.

Now, the reason why I am sore is because we walked and walked and walked all over that city on Saturday we had the most amazing time but boy oh boy my legs have been sore for days. Thankfully today is the first day my legs are feeling back to normal. Which is wonderful.

Let's now explain the sniffles. For the past few weeks each member of my family except for me and my mom has had the real bad cold. So, when do I decided to get it? Yup, on my vacation. Typical, I say very typical.

So, back to the subject....ME.

I have been doing well. I have gotten into a new hobby the Rubiks cube a friend of mine has figured out how to solve the cube right away and I have been bitten by the bug I found one lying around my Mimi's house and have been trying to solve it. :)

My aunt has painted my nails with this shellac polish it's suppose to stay in your nails with out chipping for months! I was able to do the laundry right after she did my nails they didn't even need to dry!

As always I miss my Jeremy. I can't wait to see him. It has only been a couple days but he is just my little pumpkin head.

Well, I should end for now get some more laundry going...

Have a nice rest of the afternoon...

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Anonymous said...

Aww, I bet Jeremy misses you too!! That picture is so sweet!

Hope your cold goes away soon. How fun that you got to go to your Mimi's!!