Monday, September 7, 2009

A little story...

So first off I trust you all had a great Labor day. I enjoyed just relaxing and having a day off school! However, tomorrow starts a fresh new week. With more adorable comments from my students. New fun filled things like fire drills. And other new adventures. I was thinking I haven't shared many cute stories from my class this school year. Of course it just began but I still have a pile of cuteness I haven't written down yet.

This story happened a few days ago and I just thought it was so funny. I always get people thinking I am younger than I am but usually my students think I am ancient. Well...accept for this one child..."

Me: When, I was a child I would do that as well. But now that I am an adult...."

Little boy: Miss________ Your not an adult! You are a teenager!

Sigh....I guess I just have a young looking face! LOL

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