Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hi from me the blogger...

Yes, I know the blogger who has not been "blogging" in quite a while. I am so sorry for my lack of posting. I think I may be having a little more time in the weeks to come to blog a little more often.

It has been a while where I could just sit at my old fashion roll top desk and blog hop to my hearts content. I feel as though I have lost contact with most of my bloggy friends. I feel bad I haven't been as faithful to my favorite nook on the web.

School has been my joy of course! I love it! There is just something about being able to be such a big role in these small children's lives! They encourage me every day to work harder and be the best teacher I can be!

Of course Jeremy is always close to my heart. Nine weeks! He will be nine weeks this Saturday! He is getting to be such a big boy! I love him so much!

So, I am just leaving this post with a question if you read this post and check my blog and smile at a new picture of my brother Jeremy. Please leave me a comment. So I can smile as well just to see that people still read my blog that really means so much to me.


Jessie-Bessie said...

aww he is such a sweetie!

Mrs. H said...

He is adorable, as usual.

I sense that he's in need of some AuntieLuv. Auntie M. and Auntie Mrs. H are (not so) patiently waiting to cuddle, snuggle and bond. Let the spoiling begin!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh but of COURSE I smiled! :) What a doll!!

Glad to hear school is going well! I bet they all just love you!!


(You have an old fashioned roll top desk?!!)

Anonymous said...

We're all checking in for new Jeremy pictures!! :) He's so adorable! Him and Colton would tie for Little Mister USA! :D

Jennifer said...

He's such a sweetie:)

Jodi said...

Love the new pictures of Jeremy!!!! He is getting so big !!!! Keep posting I check in regularly !! :)