Monday, October 19, 2009


My laptop did not die! YAY! Mackenzie's dad (Dr.Lapdoodle) called me this morning and gave me the great news! It was the cord that was wrapped up in more duck tape than my grandfathers car (He was a man that was a firm believer in duck tape) Anyhow the cord finally died and so my computer battery died because the cord died hence the reason lappy not turning on! I am just thankful it's working. I was doing some heavy thinking on saving money for a new laptop. AND LET ME TELL YA...I would not being seeing a new laptop for quite a while! So I am just so thankful for Dr. Lapdoodle!!

In other news since I have been on Big Moe (The family computer) I have surprisingly found time to blog and to blog hop around the blogsphere. I don't know if it's because I feel like it's a strange kind of reunion between me and ole big Moe here or what it is. Or maybe it's just knowing I won't be interrupted by the phone. Big Moe has a habit of not turning off the Internet when the phone rings like Lappy does. Big Moe needs to teach Lappy a few things about staying strong and not being weak when they feel a phone call coming in! Maybe he can work on that after we have a welcome back Lappy party! :)

A little while ago when I was blog hopping I was holding little Jeremy in my arms while he slept on my shoulder what a feeling! Oh, I just love that boy! He fits so perfectly in my arms even though he is getting quite heavy these days. He turned 10 weeks this past Saturday!!

Speaking of Saturday Aaron had his party and went very well. Pictures will follow sometime soon. A lot of our family and friends came up for the occasion. And some how some way I am totally blaming my nephew Liam for this(Yes the almost 1 year old) Carole and I had a cake fight! Still trying to figure that Liam sitting on my lap full of frosting me gently encouraging him to wipe some on Carole's face....led to Carole wiping frosting all over my hair and me wiping it all over her times and yes pictures as well. (coming soon)

Well, yes as I quickly mentioned in my last post Carole indeed has a special someone in her life. little sister is all grown up. That special someone is named Mark. They have been seeing each other since the summer time. They met in church. (We associate with two other churches besides ours in the area) And he goes to one of them. He met her a few years back at a Christmas program...years past...and I will continue the story when I am able to upload a picture of the both of them on here! Some people may be wondering why I would blog about my sister and her special someone and here is the reason. This blog is not just about me it's about the pieces of my heart and Carole is definitely a BIG piece of my heart and I have always wanted to share in her joy and this my friend is a pretty big joy. So more on that to come!

Well, I think I have blogged quite a bit! I now am getting tired and need to head to bed for school is in the morning!


Anonymous said...

Yay that your laptop problems weren't major!!

And can't WAIT to see pictures of all of the other fun stuff happening at your house!! :) (Although a cake fight?! Maybe I don't want to see pictures!! ;))


Stepheny Weaver said...

Hey Ginger... Glad to see you blogging so much! I SO enjoy your posts!

I hate to bother you about this matter of the address so much (I never got an email from you BTW!) I have these clothes (2 onezies and a snuggly and a bib and a sweater... well, now I am afraid the only thing that will fit him is the snuggly and the sweater... what size does he wear? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give me your address.. either leave me a comment, and when I get it I'll delete it, or send me an email ( so much... usually I'm very patient, but I've been waiting for 10 weeks now! :)

Thanks for not getting mad at my impatients and comments ect. :D

Glad you got your laptop fixed!