Monday, October 26, 2009

Turning over a new leaf

If I kept a remembrance book I would write down....

Have you ever watched Little House In The Prairie? Laura would always narrate and say if I kept a remembrance book and she would tell you what she would write in it.

I always want to keep a journal but not just one journal many journals one for day to day stuff like "This morning as I was getting ready for school my nail jammed into my new nylons and I had to change my skirt for a longer one so no one could see the nice patch of skin on my tan nylon legs." Or a journal where I write my thoughts and dreams to my prince who I have not met yet. I also would love to have a Bible journal where I could record my prayers and thoughts and questions to the One who knows all.

But as much as I would love to have a remembrance book I really doubt I would write in it. Sure, I may find a moment and write about the child in school who looked up at me with a big smile and said "Miss_________ You are so cute!" Or how I felt when I saw Jeremy come into the world. But all in all I have a disorder and that disorder is not following through.

Take my blog for instant I started this blog three years this next spring. On that Saturday night I was bored, disappointed and just wanted to do something new. I had never dreamed I would still be writing in it.

I would never have dreamed all the people I would "meet" on here. I would never dream how much my life has change since I started this bloggy thing. I totally would not have thought I would be posting things like "My mom is having a baby after seventeen years!" "I am going to be a teacher!" "My niece is born" "My nephew is born" "My baby brother is born" etc...the things that have happened in my life and are documented on this blog is awesome!

But back to my example you also see posts on here like this "I am the worst blogger ever!" "Sorry for leaving you hanging" "Where was I?" I still blog but not as much as I should not as much I want to. I need to follow through.

So where is all this going? Well, I am turning over a new leaf this afternoon. That saying came to my mind as I took a walk with Carole, Mom, Aaron the dog and Jeremy of course all wrapped up in his stroller just about a half hour ago.

I looked at all the beautiful leaves above my head. Golden yellow, rustic red, bright startling orange. I said to myself as felt the cool fall breeze on my face while I clung a little tighter to my denim jacket "I am turning over a new leaf." I am going to write more I am going to do my best. Now, some nights I come home from school exhausted and the computer is farthest thing from my mind. But even on those nights I am going to try harder.

It's about time I stop dabbling in the gift of writing God has given to me but instead dive into the cool waters of words and splash into the creak of creativeness and fall in the fountain of putting pictures with your words.

And as I turn over this new leaf I am going to start at a website I love and visit when I have time it's such a fun website for any age the name of this site is I am going to start writing about the joys of being single and see if they like and publish my stuff. :) Also I am going to join in the fun and I am going to write about a normal day in my week and post about it on my blog like many other bloggers will do on their own this Wednesday. And the best part is there is a giveaway! Post the button on your sidebar as well and lets have some fun!

Are you ready to turn over a new leaf?


Tiffany said...

I had the same feeling not too long ago and wanted to start blogging again. I am trying to be regular and make posts more interesting to read. I'm gald to see you will be blogging more. Can't wait to read about your day!

Mrs. H said...

The "creek of creativeness?" You, my friend, are a master with word pictures!

I know exactly how you feel. I spend quite a bit of time anticipating the new posts of other bloggers while my own sad little blog lays dormant.

Okay, I am officially inspired.

See you at the "creek",

mrs. h.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I loved that part about the 'creek of creativeness' too. :)

Yay that you're going to do the YLCF thing too! I'm going to try...if I remember. :)

Looking back through your blog is fun, isn't it? Sometimes I'll read some of my old posts and find stuff I didn't even remember happening! :) And I've been known to print out some of my "favorite posts" (like when Breanna and Adam were born) including the comments so I can keep them. :)