Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Heart

I was out with a friend today enjoying a "Girl's day out" We had planned this day for a while I had told her back in January I wanted to take her out for lunch for her birthday with busy schedules etc we didn't get to have the day till this morning we went thrift store shopping stop for coffee and then had lunch. We then went to some local stores and shopped and shopped some more. We had an awesome day and found some good buys. While we were out we started talking about teaching. We both teach at the Christian school and both enjoy it so much. However, I learned something new today we both had said when we were teenagers that we would never teach. Isn't that funny? When I was teen I said I would never be a teacher. I think it's a great that God knew better. He knew I needed to teach, He knew that He planned a long time ago that Ginger P was going to be a teacher. I think often how lost I would be without my students each one has place in my heart each one makes me smile in a different way, each one has a talent, a desire, a dream and each child melts my heart like ice cream on a hot summer day. Last Monday we had a scare in the classroom one of the students was sick and was one of the most frightening things I have ever gone through but praise the Lord everything was fine a few minutes later. However, it scared me half to the death but I had this one student who has been with me in my classroom the longest to help me I knew he would be the one I could count on to get another teacher for me while I was with the ill student. He was so fast and he didn't ask me why he just did what he was told in lightening time. He then said to me later maybe I should use your cell phone and call my doctor. I had to smile at his willingness to help. Yesterday, we were practicing for the kindergarten graduation and after the k5's finished singing one of their songs one of my first graders spoke up and said "Amen that was beautiful!" I laughed so hard I thought I was going to fall. I love it when one of my students come up to me and hold my arm for no apparent reason. Or when I look away at the snack table and when I look back at my snack in front of me and see half of an Oreo and then later to be told the snack fairy came to visit me. I just love being a teacher I just love being the person my students see when they first come into school. I just love being blessed to do what I love to do. And I am so glad when I said "Never" God said "Forever!" ;)


Sophie said...

I am sure the children in your class are as much fascinated by you as you are by them!

Sophie said...

I was wondering, how long does it take you to prepare your classes?

Anonymous said...

Love it!! (Especially about the snack fairy!! ;))