Thursday, April 14, 2011

Four years ago today...

I wrote this.... and then 3 years ago I wrote this and two years ago I wrote this... and last year it was this... And this year I am going to allow my heart to melt and share my heart. I love blogging. I'm afraid though this year has been horrible so far for blogging. The beginning of our year was pretty ruff and I couldn't blog that much I just couldn't. My eyes would fill up and my hands would go numb and I just couldn't type my heart out. But then the Lord showed me again He is in control and that valley moved and that mountain formed. I then found myself busy. Oh so busy and I couldn't find the time to blog. (I still can't) I almost think I lost most of my followers. (But this isn't a sob story post) I totally understand I haven't been faithful in my bloggy world and I shouldn't expect people to stay with me if I am going to keep my laptop closed on my desk. Then there are days like today where I can't stop typing and words are forming and ideas are spilling and I would go nuts if my laptop just up and died right this very moment! But then there are other days where I am tired from a day of school and I just don't feel like it. And those are the days that saddened me because there was a time where I could never get bored of blogging every post was an adventure every comment was a Jewel every newcomer was the highlight of the day. But I guess I grew up and my blog wasn't the most important thing. But even though my Barbies are all sold and my dolls are packed away and my doll house is no longer in my room I'm afraid my blog will not be packed in the basement I am afraid some things no matter how old I am will be staying with me. And my blog is one of them. I can't promise you I will always have a post but when I can manage I will still be blogging because blogging will always be a passion of mine. My life has gotten crazy. My little brother Aaron is graduating high school next month, my little sister Carole is saying "I do" to her prince Mark in June. My baby brother Jeremy will be two in August. Me, well I am finishing up another school year already planning for next year, taking over Carole's bedroom and just being me. So many changes coming but the Lord is great. So, today do me favor drop on note in my comment box. I want to feel like that nineteen year old girl again getting giddy over every comment. Let me know you dropped by maybe even where you came from etc. Also don't forget to enter my blog give away I am extending the contest there was a problem due to posting and the post didn't show up till the other day. So I am going to give you a little longer to enter. Thank you for making 4 years of blogging great can't wait to see what the next four years will bring!


Jessie-Bessie said...

I've read you blog off and on for the last few years, its hard believe it has been that long....I started reading when your mum was pregnant with your little brother and now he will be two this year! His a little cutie by the way. God Bless :)

rahraht said...

I check your blog often, but I thik I have only commented once or twice...I have had two of my younger sisters married, so I can relate to a lot of your posts about the upcomming wedding. :)
My only advice is to ENJOY each day (especially with your sister!).
I also enjoy your teaching stories since I am a teacher also. :)
Anyway...keep up the blogging!

Sophie said...

I never know what to say in comments, but I'm still reading, and would love to get more updates. But I know how it is, and life is sometimes too busy. I think we all understand!

Stepheny Weaver said...

Oh Ginger... you are absolutely my favorite blog of all times! Like I have told you before, I check EVERY day even when there are no new posts! I usually read old posts, and make myself either laughs so hard I'm on the floor, or cry so hard, my face is blue and I'm swimming in a puddle! :)

I remember you having your first blog anniversary, and all the wonderful giveaways you've ever done, and me being able to win ONE of them! :) I hope I can win this one.... I love it!
Sorry I don't comment as much as I used to, but, I am also busy.... my little sister Jyll just turned two yesterday! You can wish her a happy birthday on my blog! (under the favorite things post!)

Well, I need to go, I know you know I love this blog! :)

Love you girl!


Jodi said...

Hello sweet Girl!
I'm sorry I never comment anymore but I do still visit your blog about once a day! I'm always happy to see new posts about your sweet Jeremy, your darling class/students, and your sister's Wedding plans! You sound very busy and life sound very full ... being busy in the place where the LORD has put you is such a wonderful thing -- so don't worry or apologize when you are too busy to blog -- we'll still be here whenever you pop in -- because well, you are just too darling to be forgotten!!! ;)
Take care --- and enjoy each moment ... life moves so fast -- slow down and enjoy those baby kisses, and late night giggles with your sister! And don't forget we want to see LOTS of wedding pictures -- I can't wait I know it will be BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!

love to you!