Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What These Three Years Have Meant To Me.

It's funny as much as I couldn't wait to write this post now as I sit here trying to form the words trying to stamp on my emotions trying not to allow my green eyes to fill with tears is proving to be very difficult.

What? I get emotional during anniversary's!

Well, this party is just going to start no waiting for the food to be ready when the pizza comes to the door I'll let you all know it's time to eat. You may want to put an apron on if you are like me because for sure the sauce will land on my clothes before the night is over.

A lot of this Three years and counting series was about you the "reader" I wanted to "hear" from you to know about the people who enjoy reading my ramblings.

Who shed a tear when I typed at five in the morning to let you know Jeremy arrived safely in this world.

Who was just as shocked as I was when I announced Jeremy was on his way into the world.

Who cheered me on when I told all of you I was going to be a teacher.

Who encouraged me when I had a bad day and it was either crying or blogging.

I wanted to get to know you to hear your voice through my little comment box.

I have "met" so many special people through this blog. I find myself crying, laughing, praying through your posts.

Some of you said this about my blog...

~When you post it is always inspirational to me to post on mine. You show that you are a real person that makes mistakes etc, just like anyone else. You don't try to lift yourself up in any way. this truly has been a blessing to me!~ Stepheny

~You don't know me but I feel like I know you through reading your blog!~ Chloe

~You can make ANYTHING fun to read!~ Brittany

~Your heart for the Lord that is shared here.~ Sarah

~I guess #2 would have to be how "real" you are. I mean really--sometimes you write and just say 'I wanted to write and don't have anything to say so hello and goodbye' and I can totally relate!!! ;)~ Morgan

~Your love for the Lord and all your encouraging posts!~ Lauren

~Yes, I agree with everyone else you seem so genuine in your writing I feel like we've been friends for years ... I remember being absolutely ecstatic and so excited when I heard you were going to be a big sister again ... and when you blogged the day your Mom went in to labor I checked a million times awaiting the big news!!!~ Jodi

~You take so much time for your bloggers, I think it's really neat and generous!~ Sophie

~It's been great talking with you and getting to know you on our blogs. Can't wait to see what the next 3 years hold for both of us!! :)~ Jessica

~I have greatly enjoyed your blog for many different reasons. From a young lady mt age facing the same things I am facing--hopping on with that one glass slipper because we both know that God has someone in mind and we are willing to wait.Other than that i just enjoy reading your post and there have been a number of times when you posted something that encouraged me.~ Katrina

~I think I found your blog through a comment on somebody else blog:) I am so happy I found it!!~ Jennifer

~Your honesty (like when you freely admit that your mom is always right! I love that in a blogger)~ Mrs.H

~Love the pics of your family-especially your adorable brother.~ Mrs. Weaver

Wow what an encouragement.

These three years have been so fun. I have learned so much from every single person that has made contact with me through this blog.

Are you hungry yet? The pizza's on it's way. ;)

My last give away from this series will be chosen in one week. This will be the GRAND prize so I thought we should give it a week. Even if you have won one of my give aways from this series still stop by and say hi.

This is my anniversary post but it's also the post that you will comment to enter in the give away.

ENTER as MANY times as you like.

And don't forget to come back and read my first post to my new series of posts.

From the bottom of my heart, I wanted to thank each one of you who reads my blog. Even if you don't like to comment but you do read my blog faithfully that just makes my heart smile. Thank you to some of you who have showed me your friendship. Thank you for others for just dropping by and saying "hi" Thank you, for praying for me when I ask you too. Thank you for wondering where I am after I haven't posted in a week.

You have made it worth blogging. You are special to me. And you are the reason I can't wait to see what the next three years will bring in the bloggie world!

Thank you for making this anniversary the best yet.

Happy Three Years anniversary to PIECES OF MY HEART!


Mrs. H said...

Happy Blogiversary, Ginger!

Here's to another 3 (or 33) years of enjoying Pieces of My Heart. Perhaps it will work out for you to meet a few of your blogger buddies in person someday. Now, that would be a post!!

Thank you for taking the time to blog and to bless!!

Now, bring on the PIZZA!

Katarina said...

Thanks for blogging, it's been tons of fun to meet you and your family through your blog!! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh phooey. I just wrote a comment and then pushed the wrong button. :P If it did save it you can delete this one. Although sometimes bad things happen when you delete comments. ;)

You're so fun, Ginger!! Thanks for being our friend and THANKS FOR BLOGGING!!!!! :)


Sophie said...

I agree with Mrs. H. Maybe that could be a 5 years "giveaway" some sort of reunion between the readers in your area and you going to a restaurant ^^

What a fun post that would be.

Thank you for this blog.

Anonymous said...

My book arrived today!!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!! I can't wait to start reading it tonight!!


Sophie said...

Maybe you could make a series reviewing your favorite books ? That would be great, and I think that is one very good way to know you better too !

I love reading and would be happy to have new suggestions ^^

Jodi said...

Happy Happy Blog-Anniversary Ginger!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy 3 years Anniversary!!

I think that would be really neat if you got to meet some of your blog commenters!! I would love to meet you in person!! :)


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Hi Ginger,
I don't know you that well, But I really like your blog
so much that I tagged you! Here is the link to my blog and the post with the tag:

If you do this tag let me know so I can see yours. :)

Katarina said...

I sure miss the daily posts!!

I would love to see you post reviews of your favorite books!! :D

Jennifer said...

I have so much enjoyed reading your blog!! Congrats on your 3 years!!

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd stop by and enter again! I love contests!! :)