Sunday, April 4, 2010

And where do the years go?

As I have been writing these posts one thing often comes through my mind. "Time flies" I'm not only talking about blogging. Even though, these three years of blogging really have flown by. I just mean life in general.

Sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday I was fourteen leaving everything I knew and moved with my family to "no where's ville" that I so affectingly called it. Where there were more mountains than people. Where life seemed so quiet and less noisy. "I HATED it!" I didn't want to try to get "used" to my new surroundings, I wanted the "old" ones. I wanted my old house, my old, church,my old life.

Every little thing I complained about. "It wasn't like this in our old town!" "This is crazy." And on it went. Hmm, I remember some long talks with mom, that first year. I had a lot of growing up to do. Even though, I thought I was all grown up.

That is just a laugh and half as I think about that now. I was so immature at that time. When I say that to people what they usually say is that I always seemed "grown up" to them. And I prided myself in that talent.

I had an air about me that told people I was a grown up. I hated when people acted as if I was a child. I was quiet but when someone spoke to me I had class. I was a proud homeschooler by then. When we went into a small book store one time and the lady who owned it gave us an attitude when she found out we homeschooled I vowed I wouldn't go in again. "If she doesn't like homeschoolers she doesn't need my business." I said with my chin up in the air.

I thought I knew it all. But you know what? I didn't.

I look back at those years now and I can smile. They were ruff I was barley a teenager confused, scared of change but I grew. Not only in age but in heart.

I learned that God doesn't make quick decisions he plans everything out for a reason.

On those quiet nights when Carole and Aaron were already in bed and I had my glorified half hour alone with my parents. Snuggling close to my mom on the couch as she gently moved my hair out of my face and graciously ignored the tears in my eyes (not to embarrass her very sensitive daughter) she would say. "Ginger, God could have moved us here just for your husband to find you." Of course then it seemed an eternity away. But now as my 23rd birthday approaches it seems more likely. (no, worries I'm not holding out on you no one is my life yet)

However, God had planned for Carole to me her prince here. And they are enjoying every minute of getting to know one another.

As for me, little did that fourteen year old know what God had planned for her. Years later He would place the most fulfilling job she could ever imagine in her lap to teach children.

And that is what I am doing. I worry about the future sometimes I worry about the "What ifs?" And the how about when? But I always need to remind myself to turn all those questions to God. I'm not helping myself in the least to worry.

And then there are those little surprises in life that if you told that fourteen year old she would just laugh in your face.

Saying something like "Do you know when your baby brother Aaron is 17 your mom and dad will have another baby!" Laughing like crazy I'll tell ya. But as I nuzzled my nose in little Jeremy's cheek today laughing at his giggles and playing patty cake while his hands are stretched out so I can place my hands in his while we play the game. I looked up at my mom and said. "I am so thankful God gave us this sweet baby boy."

So my point to this post is this.

At fourteen I thought I was all that but I wasn't (I'm still not). I still make mistakes, I still sin. But I learned, I grew. Like I said in the beginning not only in age but in heart.

I learned to "move" on. And in moving on I started becoming the person I am toady. I know God moved us here for a reason maybe it's because my husband will find me here, maybe it was for Carole to find her prince here, maybe it was for the church we are in or the school I teach at, or for the people we have grown close to etc. But whatever the reason is. I know it's a good one and I'm glad God knows best. I'm glad the decision to leave the only thing we knew didn't rest on that fourteen year old shoulders because let me tell ya folks it probably would have fallen off!

So, I will end with this. The years do fly by so grab your note book grab a pen and start jotting down those years on paper because if you look hard enough you will find many lessons God has taught you and is teaching you this very moment.

What is one thing God has taught you over the years?

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