Saturday, April 3, 2010

3 years ago..

...around this time I was volunteering at the school. Working in the first and second grade room. Never, ever thinking I would have my own classroom and class three years later. Never, knowing God was preparing me for teaching.

The next year I did more training for being a teacher. And what a blessing and surprise the Sunday morning I found out my dream was about to come true.

Isn't amazing how three little years can change so much?

I am so thankful I am now in my second year teaching loving it as much as the day I first started.

The first day I looked down at my little students my body radiating with excitement. "Is this really happening am I really teaching?" I asked myself. Falling in love with each one of them the moment I laid eyes on them.

I had such fun decorating my classroom with my mom helping me each step of the way.

Teaching is so fun. I just love each one of my students and I am already itching to start a new year of school. A new year of rearranging desks and writing new name tags and changing bulletin boards.

I think one of my favorite posts I wrote about school is the one I wrote this past October. It shows how fun a day in k4 really is.

Okay, a new inter active post. (This time lets hope I don't delete your answers.) What do you do? Are you a stay at home mom? A Teacher? A keeper at home? A bank teller? A Dog trainer? Inform me, enlighten me...


Katarina said...

I currently stay at home and help the family with the family dairy. We provide Goat milk products to the Greater Houston area and Austin. I also have my own business.

Then there's the normal helping of everyday living in a large family. From babysitting to running errands, from teaching the toddlers, to do laundry. I help in any and all ways.

Sophie said...

I am a phd student.

Sarah said...

Stay at home mom/photographer...I just love all those mommy photographers out there. :)

Sarah said...

wow wait a second. I mean I WANT to be a stay at home mom/photographer... I got the photographer down but I'll have to wait a couple years for the other. :P

Anna Joy said...

Happy little piano teacher. ;)