Monday, April 26, 2010

Funny How It Works Out.

Don't you love it when a subject is in your mind for days on end and you try to push aside, and it keeps coming back. And then you finally have it in a place locked and hid away and all of the sudden where ever you are that subject pops up?

That's what happen to me this weekend.

And I am going to share.

I decided to throw a party. Not a long guest list. Actually it was quite simple to remember who was coming because there was only one name on the list.


I decided to throw myself a pity party.

I know doesn't that sound exciting? I didn't think so. But I still did it. No one knew I had this party but I knew I was attending it.

I sat on the couch and moped. If some one came in the room they would have no idea I was at my pity party but if someone had a window in side my heart they would see my pathetic party.

However, someone did see my party He didn't get an invitation 'cause I knew He wouldn't attend but He was there and He wasn't happy with me.

In my heart I knew I shouldn't of planned my little party I guess I really didn't plan it. It just sort of happened. I started thinking about my prince. Where is he Lord? I asked God as I fiddle with my phone. I'm almost much longer? As I look at how I was now I'm ashamed.

I know the truth. I know I am a happy, healthy young lady who NEEDS to count her blessings but so many times I am back in that slump. Back where I'm whining to the Lord. Whining to the One who is directing my life. Why is it I always try to take the pen away from the Best Selling Author? It really shocks me how foolish I can be. Where I think I can write my love story.

But now I am going to refer to my title.

Funny How It Works Out

I'm sitting in my home church yesterday morning. The church I grew up in. Listening to the pastor. "Can I see a show of young people hands who wants to wait until their thirty to get married?" I almost laughed out loud. "I know I didn't but that was God's perfect plan for my life." He said with a smile as he looked at his wife. I sat there in amazement. God wanted me in that church at that moment listening to that sermon because He knew that the pity party would be back in town unless I opened my eyes and my ears and took the truth in.

Now, I don't want you to think every hour of every day I am living my life in misery until my prince comes. Because the truth is clear the Lord will not honor that attitude He will not place a prince in my mist if my temper tantrum is loud enough. Of course He won't! He is going to wait until my heart is ready.

My heart is not ready. Right now God has placed single hood in my mist. I need to live this single hood to the best of my ability I need to be happy (And I am happy) but I need to stop with this pity party this sulking to myself.

I need to embrace God's plan for my life and not worry not compare to others. But to live my life to the fullest and honor God in what I do. I am ashamed to say the reason why I didn't invite God to my party is because I knew He did not approve.

Funny How It Works Out

This morning I decided to go on one of my favorite blogs just to see if she wrote a new post and lo and behold she did and it was a GOOD one.

It made me think, ponder, smile and search deep into my heart.

And then I stumbled on this... Isn't God just wonderful?

He gave me His own invitation to His party. The party of truth. He sent many different reminders so I wouldn't forget the party.

The sermon yesterday morning.

this post


this post

I will not forget the party I will attend it every time I get an invitation to the pity party. This party is a lot more fulfilling.

Like I have said many times before I don't sit and whine and sulk every minute of every day. I have a wonderful life but I do have my moments where I sulk. I felt a need to post this reminder post. Because I know there may be people that may need to read it... and be reminded just like I had to be.


Mrs. H said...

Hey, don't knock it. I was thirty when I got married, too!! But I know what you mean. :)

Anonymous said...


Thanks Ginger! I kept trying to decide if I was going to post it or not 'cause I just didn't know if I should. Now I know I should've! ;)

And hey--you're one of my few single friends so you can't skip ranks yet! ;)