Thursday, April 29, 2010

Joy Cometh In The Morning.

Do you ever get aggravated?

I do...

I can't stand it when someone doesn't follow the rules.

When someone moves something of mine without asking.


But here is my question. What do I gain by being aggravated? The truth is I don't gain a thing. I'm not pleasing anyone by being upset. I'm not honoring anybody by pouting. I'm just being aggravated about little things.

What's the point?

There is no point to being aggravated it's just part of human nature. It's just no point.

But how about this...Joy.

Now that is a word I can get used to. Joy. It just slides off of the tip of your tongue doesn't? Joy.

I can name a thousand things which give me a joy where I couldn't give you a thousand things which give me aggravation.

What gives me a joy?

God's gift of


My faithful and loving daddy

My tender hearted and wise mom

My sensitive and understanding older sister Leslie

My caring and daring older brother Stephen

My witty and best friend younger sister Carole

My prayer warrior and protective younger brother Aaron

My precious gift from God little brother Jeremy

My kind and loving grandmother Mimi

My family

My church

My adorable students

My school

My friends

My Life

and on it goes...


Such a simple small word such mighty meaning.


I have joy when someone tells me I'm just like my mom.

I have joy when I am told I look just like my dad.

I have joy when my nephews and niece wraps their arms around me.

I have joy when Aaron takes my arm and leads me into a store.

I have joy when Carole and I will stay up for hours sharing our hearts.

I have joy when Jeremy looks at me and smiles...How about you? What gives you Joy?


Jodi said...

Awww such a sweet post !!!! And I love the pictures -- especially that last one of Jeremy !!!!! :)

Now I've got a Legacy5 song about "Joy" running thru my head!! :)

Anonymous said...

LOOOOVE the pictures!! That bottom one is so pretty!! (Just don't tell Jeremy I said so! ;)) Good thoughts too. We get so upset sometimes over the dumbest things. :P

Something that gives me joy? When Breanna says "I lube you!". :) Love, love that.