Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Is Any One Home?

I know, I know I am sorry I did not post yesterday! I was hoping no one would notice. Oh, wait a minute maybe nobody had because no one complained. Well, come to think of no one commented. Well, come to think of it it was just Easter.

So I will give you all some slack.:) I hope everyone had a terrific Easter. My Three years in counting posts has been a little sporadic as of late. With my mom's birthday and then Easter. My mind have gotten a little lost. But never fair I found it and we will be back in business soon.

However, I will give a little plug to my last post. Please participate if you like, I have been lovin' these inter active posts.

And I will also leave you with some Easter pictures....Jeremy was ready to go home! He had enough of pictures!! lol

Hope to hear from you soon!


Jennifer said...

Loved your easter dress and headbands!! Your baby brother looked so cute in his little suit!!

Mrs. H said...

Beautiful family! Love your dress, Ginger. Very retro! Jeremy's suit is adorable. I remember when Aaron used to wear cute little suits and cute little suspenders and cute little bow ties. sniff. sob. sniff. sniff. Now he wears a cute little beard!

Anonymous said...

I love the family pics!! Jeremy's little outfit is soo cute!! :)

Sorry I haven't commented much lately. Whenever I go to comment, the visual verification doesn't load because our computer takes forever to load things. I think it will work this time!! :)