Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Almost over...

Well, my three years and counting posts are almost over. When I posted last night I said I couldn't wait to write this post. Well...I made a mistake I thought today was the 14th however as we all know tomorrow is the 14th and today is the 13th. I guess we can call it "Over tired."

You all make me smile as you explain how fun my series has been to you.

For three years I have been sharing things about myself and my family.

The last post before the big ole GRAND 3 years anniversary post I want it to be filled with my readers.

Tell me one random thing about you.

Your favorite color?

Your favorite food?

Your favorite hobby?

Or something totally random.

Until tomorrow,


Anonymous said...

Well...since this is your THIRD Anniversary I'm going to do THREE random facts instead of just one. :)

1) I am barefooted 99% of the time in the Summer. The only time I wear shoes is if I'm going somewhere and then once I either get in the vehical or get to the location (say, church), then usually I take them off again. :)

2) I like chocolate milk.

3) I wear pink alot.

How's that for random?!?! :lol: That was fun! :)


Katarina said...

Tell me one random thing about you. I'm VERY predictable!

Your favorite color? Green

Your favorite food? Depends on my mood.

Your favorite hobby? Reading

Or something totally random. I'm addicted to coffee, books, and chocolate. :D

Alli said...

I like to sing, write poems, and mess around on my keyboard piano.


Mrs. H said...

Let's see, three random things...

1. I still like to color.

2. I would like to own a cow.

3. I enjoy watching Bullriding on TV.

There. Do you feel like you know me better now?

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I sing all the time :)

favorite color-green

favorite food -flat bread,meat,,olives,yogurt, lettuce, tomato,rice,legumes...

favorite hobby-spinning wool & knitting

I like play guitar and sing to my maker with my face towards the sun. either when it is setting or rising.

have a great day!

Stepheny Weaver said...

Yeah... Fun... even though today is the 14th!

One Random thing.... I'm going to FL in May!

1. lime green...and blue!
2. I LOVE BBQ Ribs!
3. Reading, Computer, scrapbooking

Something Totaylly random.... I forgot to exercise today! :)

Sophie said...

happy third anniversary !

1) I don't have favorite colors, but I tend not to like green and flashy colors.

2) My favorite food is : duck magret with gratin dauphinois (*humph* hard to find that here)

3) I love reading.

Sarah said...

I love playing hockey and I love wearing knee length skirts. Not at the same time of course. ;)