Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looking For Purpose

I like watching my students watch me, the curiosity in their eyes, the wonder, the excitement that shows through out their being as they sit and watch me.
I am nothing special I am only a sinner saved by grace I have no special ability that makes me more better than someone else. I'm just me, I have my own,corks and sins I have moments I am not proud of other moments I wish wasn't so.
But, what I do have and what you could have to is Jesus.
My students love me and I love them they have respect for me and they show it to me by listening to every word that comes out of my mouth (Well....sometimes) they show it to me by hugging my waste when they first see me or kissing my cheek when I'm sitting down they tell me through their actions and through there tiny words.
I have a purpose when I walk into the school building each morning. Even if I am tired or just waiting for the weekend I try to put everything aside once I enter the classroom because my purpose is to educate these tiny minds.
However, is teaching my only purpose in life? Oh, sure I love my kiddos. I love each smile, each laugh, each hug each funny moment but is that my sole purpose? No, no it's not.
My purpose like I said before is Jesus. He is my purpose He is the reason why I am here today He is my everything. Oh, not by any means am I saying it's easy following the purpose sometimes it's very hard to find a purpose in anything but if I keep my eyes on the main purpose everything falls into place.
Finding a purpose?
Seek the true purpose the Lord He will take you into His arms and show you purpose. There is purpose in living for Him. Sweet....sweet...purpose.
You won't need to be in a classroom...
at a desk...
taking notes from a chalkboard...
To find this purpose you just need to call upon the Lord, where you are whoever you are and He will give your purpose.
Teaching is my passion and pride...Jesus is my purpose in life.

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Mrs. H said...

Amazing. Once again. A gift.

(I love the pictures, too!)