Friday, January 1, 2010

Your Story


Challenge: I want to challenge you with something. I am about to share a little about my past year with you so I want you to get cozy maybe grab a hot mug of tea or coffee cuddle on the couch with your laptop or pretend that you are cuddling while you sit at your desk. But my challenge is I want you at the end of this post to comment at least one thing God had showed you in this past year how little or big it is if you feel comfortable sharing it share. You have showed me in my last post that you are there reading so lets encourage one another lets have a time of sharing at the end of this post.

So, lets jump right in shall we? Lets get our little toesies wet as we dive into the sea of words. Yesterday, afternoon my family and I went shopping our previous plans were cancelled so there was no trip to my grandmothers (Mimi) or anything fun like that. We just shopped. So I went into Borders where I found a planner. I have been wanting a planner for a while. And Carole found me one and it was fifty percent off the original price and with my five dollar Border bucks I payed a whopping three dollars for it!

When I brought it home and flipped through the blank pages as I sat on my bed I thought I hope this is not another attempt of nothingness for me. As I say that I mean "Pointless" "Dumb" "A waste of three dollars" "Something else to get stuck on my book shelf" I have mentioned this before I always want to journal and plan but I never do it. But as I looked at the cool planner with a picture of a shoe on every page. I started getting inspired no not to become a shoe designer but to start jotting things down. I started filling things in for January writing down notes and jotting a Bible verse on the top of the page. So when I look back at the months I can see different verses that I needed at that particular time.

I started feeling like I was accomplishing something little but something I have been wanting to do. Besides washing off banana juice that leaked onto the side of the fridge last night (Long story) I rung in the new year planing and spending time in God's word. It was inspiring, it was helpful it was looking towards the future...

Can that be my second introduction? :) In 2009 I experienced a lot. I was tested to lean on God while my mom was carrying Jeremy. So many days I would find myself worrying found myself saying "What if?" And on that early August morning I found myself praying "Thank you Lord." As a few tears rolled down my face as I gazed into my baby brothers beautiful little face. God reminded me through that time that He is in control and He knows what is going to happen before it happens. Why can't we ever remember that? I know in my own life I forget often and God will have to take me by the hand like I am one of my students and say "Ginger, who is in charge?"

I found myself running the kindergarten graduation at the last minute and doing fine. Finishing off my first year teaching k4 and starting in my second year.

Watching Carole get to know a very nice young man. And sitting back and watching how God is working in their own lives.

I have watched the rest of the family grow and grow my nephews and niece my brother Aaron is growing a beard! GASP! How did that happen?? My sister Leslie such a busy mom and wife my brother Stephen such hard working husband and father to His adorable baby girl and baby on the way.

My parents giving me wisdom and advice always ready to have an open ear and tender heart.

And of course my Mimi. What a huge impact she is in my life.

I have learned to be more patient and understanding, I am still learning to be more in God's word and to always go to Him in Prayer. Even when my brain wants to fall asleep or just relax that is the time to go in prayer.

I have also learned how important this blog is. I have realized in the last couple of weeks that this is my little ministry. Sure, I love to tell funny stories and brag about my niece, and nephews and baby brother but it's also my place where I can share to others God's love.

So as I end this post. I want to remind you of my challenge above. Will you take it? I sure hope you do. I would love to see what God has showed you in your life. Tell me a piece of your story.

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Mrs. H said...

Let's see. I have a hard time remembering yesterday so thinking back a whole year may be quite the challenge.

The blessings I recall most are the ones that have met the needs of my heart. Things that only God would know. Things that I've only whispered in prayer. Some things I've only longed for in my heart and never uttered a word. God truly is a personal God.

Mr. H having a job, our daughters being healthy, having friendships that are more like family than friends, a house that we absolutely love, Mackenzie finding a job that is a perfect fit for her, my little Scooter Pie, Maddie's sense of humor, teaching, birds, and letting me start fresh every day!