Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Sometimes you just need a change. It may be changing your furniture around in your living room. Or changing your pocket book. Or just changing your blog around. So that is what I have done. You may be looking around my blog right now saying wheres the changes? It looks the same to me. Well, it's really not any big changes just a little change.

When you comment I will have to read your comment before it's publish. My beloved blog has been getting some comments I do not condone at all. And being that the world wide web is not closed to the world. It was only a matter of time that my little blog would be tested by the world.

But I pride myself in keeping this blog Christ oriented and pride myself in keeping this blog clean and pure because that is how I try to live my own life. That I needed to step up to the plate and make some changes. The last thing I would like to do is make my blog private because I have begun to think this blog has been an out reach. If one person can say I have been blessed being a follower on your blog I feel like I have done my job.

I have not written in this online journal for almost three years just to make it private to a few of my faithful bloggie people I have met through this journey of mine. I would love to "meet" more of you bloggie people out there who have enjoyed reading about me and my family and my life.

I would hate to shut the door and only shed the candle light to the ones I know. I would feel like my journey on the bloggiecoaster had ended short. So, my changes I have made is just to have more security on Pieces Of My Heart.

I enjoy the other online things I have become accustom to... Facebook, twitter...but my blog is like my home. Nothing can compare to sitting down and just jotting my thoughts,my fears, my joys,my pictures, my heart.

So, I have decided I won't do anything drastic. I won't close down this journal or make it private. I am going to keep pressing on this journey.

I would like to ask a favor. If you a new to this blog, just visited or a frequent visitor, a follower, someone on my blog roll, a real life friend of mine or a family member of mine, some one who googled and just by chance found my blog, someone who has been following me for almost three years on here. Comment Right now right here please let me know you are reading...let me know how you found me or just drop by and say "Hi!". Make me read a bunch a comments on my email and have me push that publish button.

Will you join me on this bloggie journey?

Comment, I so want to hear from you!!


Jennifer said...

I love your blog:) I also have my comments on approved mode because of a lot of spam comments lately!!

Abigail said...

I read!! : o D

Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your blog one summer afternoon when I was bored...you know, you read one friend's blog, then check out all their friends...then friends of friends...etc...I'm not sure how many "clicks" away you are, I just bookmarked all the blogs I enjoyed reading.

I enjoy reading...thanks for keeping this open!

~A blog reader, but not yet a blog author, from Michigan.

Anonymous said...

I read! I never leave comments though :-)

Mrs. H said...

A faithful reader from the beginning!

I love those stories that leave us hanging til the next post. I love your humor. I love your pictures. (especially the Scooter Pie ones!)

Don't worry about having to approve the comments. Everyone understands, I'm sure.

Keep that candle burning!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger!!
I love reading your blog. I found your blog through Aunt Morgan's. I go to church with Morgan. Thanks for keeping your blog open because I really enjoy hearing about you and your family.


p.s. I have a younger brother named Jeremy Thomas, too!!! :)

Stepheny Weaver said...

I read! I check it almost every day! what a blessing this blog has been to me! Sometimes I read the same posts over and over again!

Thsnk you!

could you please send some people over to my blog? I need more readers and commenters!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!

I read your blog OF COURSE! :) I really can't remember how I found you though...I think you found me didn't you?? And then I just followed your link back to your blog...? Either way, I've loved it. :)

And there you go. Another reason to push "approve". ;)


Ginger said...

(I am going to mention this in a post. But I am going to try to be faithful commenting to your comments. In this new year.:0)

Jennifer, thank you so much! Yes, I guess we should be happy that we have the choice to make our comments be approved! :)

Thank you Abigail!!

Anonymous, Thank you for commenting. I have found blogs that very way myself! :D

Anonymous number 2,
Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment!

Thanks for being my number 1 reader! Your the best! See you next week! ;)

Thanks so much for reading! That is so funny that we both have a Jeremy Thomas in our family! Also thanks so much for commenting!

Steph, you just made my heart smile! Thanks for reading and commenting!!

Morgan, lol yes I found your blog. I believe it was on a post about seeing Kenny Bishop! ;) lol! Thank you for all your fun comments and always stopping by! And just to add I so love your blog! :D