Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's so cold!!

Winter is here! I guess that's kind of a dead give away since Christmas is a week away and all. So, here I sit with my fuzzy pink slippers and fuzzy pink pj's. Typing about being cold.

But here's the deal. Winter can be a drag in the middle of the woods with snow covered mountains surrounding you but we can also look at the brighter things in life. Like cute high heel boots where you can slide all over your drive way getting to the car. Warm cozy sweaters where Jeremy can spit up all over them!

However, if I can be serious for a moment. I do love seeing my little students all geared up to play in the snow. They all look like adorable snow bunnies ready to hop in the clear white play land outside.

And since I don't have a picture of my students all in snow gear....

I thought you would enjoy a picture of another snow bunny. My niece Alyvia. :)

Have a great winters night!

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Anonymous said...

Awww she's so cute! I love her coat too. :)