Monday, December 7, 2009

A LIttle Reminder...

Hi Bloggie People! How are we this Monday morning? I am pretty good and pretty awake! We had a lovely weekend visiting family. We were able to see my adorable little niece Alyvia every day we were down here! She is getting so big walking, and talking and singing. What a doll!!! Yes, that is her with me and Jeremy. She also loves kissing his little head. She is going to be a GREAT big sister! Yup, I was given the go ahead to share the news... my brother and sister in law will be having there second baby this June! Another niece or nephew! Yay!

Well, I did it! I got my hair done this weekend. I was growing it out for quite a while but decided I wanted a change. How do you like?

Oh, I also wanted to thank you all for praying for my family for the last couple of weeks. The unspoken was answered and God said "Yes" The little problem is now being solved and just wanted to thank you all for being such good bloggie friends and praying!!

Well, tomorrow Jeremy will be 4 months old!! Can you believe it?? I just love him so much!! He sure has enjoyed visiting will Mimi this weekend. Just this morning he gave her one big smile!!

Well, my reminder I was talking about on my title is my Christmas give away only a few more days you can enter! Remember you can enter as many times as you want have fun and enter!!

Pieces of My Heart And add my button on your blog and just let me know you will get an extra point!!

Well, please pray for our safety as we go back home this morning. And please also pray for my little nephew Liam who has been sick in the hospital since Friday!!



Anonymous said...

I love that top picture!! Soo cute!

Yay about being an aunt again!!! How exciting!!

I love your hair. I had just convinced myself (AGAIN) that I was going to keep growing mine out and not cut it and then you go and get yours cut... ;)

Poor Liam! Hope he's better now!!

Happy Birthday to Jeremy. :) He's so chubby and adorable!!


Anonymous said...

Love your hair! I'm going Friday to say good bye to mine! ;-) I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of hair!! LOL! ;-) Congrats on entering Aunthood again! :-)