Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy December 2nd!

I think I had a "Happy November 2nd!" Post as well. I am just not good at writing a blog post at the first of the month or something. Well, my December first went well it was a full day of phonics, and math, and taking down fall things and replacing them with winter/Christmas things.

We even have our little Christmas tree up in our classroom. I loved watching the kids eyes beam with pride when I put the lights on. "I didn't know our tree had lights!" One child announced another one asked me to turn off the lights so we could see if our Christmas tree "glowed" in the dark.

Children are so fun!! I just love teaching! It's such a fun job!

I have to tell you Jeremy was adorable tonight. Well he always is! But I have to say he was just a riot! I brought him upstairs with me tonight and I had my laptop on and it was on my bed so I scrolled down the music selection I have saved on my lappy.

And pressed my Life Goes On album by the Talley Trio. (My Jeremy loves the Talley's. He became an instant fan when we saw them a couple months ago.) :) So anyhow the first song started playing "Realms Of Glory."

He immediately sits up in my arms and smiles. And then Lauren started singing her part. And Jeremy started giving me his big smile and then I started asking him in my sing song voice "Do you love Lauren?" He started laughing I mean really belly laughing! It was adorable! As soon as the song ends he stops smiling and he looks very serious and then I'll put it back on and he starts smiling again! So CUTE!

And since we are on that subject I should also mention when he is crying just totally crying and nothing will calm him I will put on the Talleys and he will just relax in my arms and usually fall asleep!:)

Well, it's kind of boring around here this week Carole is visiting our Mimi. Whoever invented text was a smart person. I love being able to text her. While one of us is away!

Well, I need to go to bed! School is in the morning! I would like to mention a few posts ago I asked for you to pray for our family. I will ask you to continue praying! Thank you all you mean so much to me!!

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Aww, that is so sweet about Jeremy!!!!