Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Musings

Nothing to wonderful happened today. BUT....I did go shopping. my budget officially went out the window. However, I found some good deals, a five dollar Toy Story Pajamas for Jeremy. And a skirt and sweater for myself!! Very happy about that!
More about my musings...the other day after I posted on here I saw this SCARY, HUGE, SCARY, SPIDER on my wall. After, I gasped,screamed and scurried from my desk...I grabbed the first thing I saw my sneaker yes, a sneaker will do...I said to myself. I picked up my sneaker and slammed it on the wall and held it on there. Willing myself not to let go, praying it was dead. As, I stood there holding the sneaker against the wall telling myself it was time to release the sneaker Carole came into my room with no worries as she opened the door, the door hit my back the sneaker went flying onto my laptop and the spider fell. To this day I have no idea where the spider went but for two days now I am scared to go near my desk!!

I thought it was about time to post another adorable picture of my niece Alyvia. She is getting so big she is talking more and I love how she laughs and scurries away with this look on a face like she is saying "Just try to come and get me!" :)

Well, going back to talking about my Saturday, we went to out local thrift store. And I have to say I am very disappointed because the prices are getting pricey. A sweater was 9 dollars, a book case holder that was quite adorable it was the "old" fashion Winnie The Pooh and Christopher Robin and Rabbit but Rabbit's ears were missing and they were asking 10 dollars for it!!!

Now, changing the subject again I also thought we needed a new picture on here of my adorable nephews. Aren't they getting old?? Patrick is in kindergarten this year, Devyn is three and is as busy as ever and Liam is a fun little one year old!!

Jeremy,has been sick the last few days but he is now feeling better. I hated seeing my adorable baby brother sick! I just love him! He is just so much fun.

Well, as I hold Jeremy in my lap listening to his new favorite song "Climbing Jacob's Ladder" Sung by Ann Downing. I am looking at the time and am thinking, I should call it a night!!

You all have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow!!!


Mrs. H said...

I went to "my" thrift store on Thursday. I noticed a difference in pricing too. They had a cute CD holder that caught my eye but it was $9.99. Not a bad price for the size of it but still more than I had to spend. I didn't get the CD thingy but you know I didn't leave empty handed!

Glad to hear that Jeremy is on the mend. Is the teething still making him (and mom) sad? I've been praying!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of your niece, nephews, and brother. They are all so cute!! :)