Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Budget... Smudget

Oh...please bloggie friends fill my comment box with reassuring words that I am not the only adult on this earth that has a hard time holding onto the cash? PLEASE, don't let a girl down!

I am doing well, I gave myself a limit of twenty five dollars to spend while I was visiting family this past weekend. I spent four dollars out of that twenty five. ( On Nylons I might add) So it wasn't even something fun it was my dire need at the time.

But after a long day of school I am sitting here thinking what I can charge to my credit card and it's just horrible. ( A little fact about me: I don't trust credit cards so....I am one of many who gets those cool credit card-a-ma-bob pay as you go jobs. You give the clerk at Walmart how much you want on the card and there ya go! Instant shop on line mechanism.)

But the problem I am having is trying to put things on two categories what I need and what I want. It's hard people! Very hard!We don't have cable and NetFlix I think would be a fun way to rent a film.Blah..blah..blah...however that is ten extra dollars a month I will need to keep aside.

Then there is my desire to travel. However, the fear of planes are helping me save money. If I ever get over the fear my poor budget will go out the window.

We now need to add clothes in the budget. I have not purchased a cute,adorable outfit in a LONG time. I also really want to get a cute church/school coat. How much money do I have left now?? :) I try to be a bargain hunter. Find the deals pass up the not so good ones. But when hold out for so long you just want to rip the piece of paper in your planer that has all your money going every other place and get that KATHY PURSE! Sob!

Alright, maybe I need to spend my money on a program for staying on a budget!

Here is your turn to help bloggie experts...give me all the advice you have....I'm waiting....still waiting....getting close to my purple cool wallet you better hurry!!!


Anonymous said...

Haha! Oh my goodness, Ginger! You crack me up. LOL Paying for nylons definitely shouldn't come out of your 'fun money'. ;)

I have a "budget" in that I divide my money every week into specific things that I'm saving for (and keep some out for "spending)...but I'm all for splurging every now and then. :)


Make sure you post a picture of your Kathy purse. ;)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say that I also have a "$5 limit"...I have to really love something to pay over $5. :)