Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Watch out....

...or you may just get a mouth full of...

Okay, maybe I should start at the beginning. This afternoon I was laying down in the nursery on the floor playing with Jeremy. We were having a grand ole time. We were playing peek a boo and watching a video I recoreded of him on my laptop and watch him stare at the screen in amazment.

Carole was on the rocking chair texting and enjoying watching Jeremy and his antics.

"I am going to get Mr. Jeremy." I said in a sing song voice as I nuzzled my face in his tummy. Sweet little giggles assailed the air. "I am going to get Mr. Jeremy" A bright smile popped up in his cute little face.

"I am going to get...." *SPLAT* All of the sudden it was like everything stopped and went into slow motion. I could hear Carole's shocked laughter ring through my ears. I could see Jeremy's smile get bigger and I could smell soy formula/ mixed with squash (Yes he is now eating baby food) waft up my nose. The slow motion stopped and I was back in reality. Still holding the "puker" "MMMMMMMM" Carole laughing harder. "MMMMMMMM" Oh, by the way "mmmm" is me moaning and trying to hand my very laughing sister the baby as she was trying to covince me she needed to take a picture of me before she took the baby. *Notice there is no pictures in this post*

She finally took the baby so I could run to the bathroom. And wash the spit up formula/slash baby food off my face.

I hope you all enjoyed my story! :) And next time you hold a baby lying down you may not want to tell him "You" are going to get him because he may just turn around and get "you" instead! ;)

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Katarina said...


Much as I hate to admit this I thought it might help to make you feel better. lol

Never, and I repeat never hold a baby who has just eaten above your head while you talking to them! lol

I have had this happen to me not once, but twice. You would think as the oldest of 6 children (That's how many children where in our family the first time around) I would know what would happened if I held the baby above my head, but I wasn't thinking. lol

And then being the oldest of 10 children and having it happen to me already I really should have known what was going to happen. But when your holding a 8-10 month old baby trying to get them to laugh are you really going to remember small details like that? lol

Enjoy him while he's at this stage as they grow WAY to fast! :D