Tuesday, January 26, 2010


....classroom stuff....

Little boy playing puzzles at the round table with other students. "I am saving up for a treadmill and it's like two hundred dollars!"

Little boy "Miss P I am still kind of sad about Mittens." "What happen to mittens?" Little boy looked devastated. "Remember? His eye fell out?" (His rabbit by the way) "Oh, yeah I do remember you telling me that."

Little girl : "When can you come to my house?"

Little girl: "You should ask your mommy if she can by you an x box!"

Little boy: Eating his lunch he decided to put both hands on either side of his cheek and pressed on them his sandwhich went spewing over a substitute teacher that was sitting at our table.

Little girl: "You are tall!" "I am!" "Yes, you are very tall!" I had no idea I was tall that was an eye opener! lol
And TALK ABOUT RANDOM! This was taken tonight after I put on my pj's and was enjoying some sweet time with my adorable baby brother!! I just had to post this picture though isn't he funny??

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poor Mittens?! I hope it was a stuffed rabbit