Saturday, June 6, 2009

Well hello there!!

It has been quite a while since I graced all my bloggers with a post!! I have been so busy! So very extra busy!! That I really have not had time to do much with this big ole blog!! As you can see my blog designer Mackenzie worked her magic again and created a fun summery template for me!! I always enjoy when she surprises me with a new look for my blog.

We have also been going a little baby crazy this past week. Getting a car seat and a stroller getting the rug installed in the baby's room. Setting up the crib and so on. Next week my mom will be seven months!! can you believe it? The baby will be here before I know it!!

I also finished up my first year of school this past Thursday! I just can not believe I am on summer vacation!! It went so fast!!

I also did something last night that I wasn't planing on doing this year! The k5 teacher had to go in for some emergency surgery and she asked me to direct the k5 graduation! I was so nervous, but as I was reminded last night many times before the program I was amongst friends and I would do fine! And I was! The kids did perfect! And I was okay getting up on stage and giving out the awards! I know the Lord was with me and I believe that was a big part of why I didn't fall off the stage! lol!

So, now it's Carole's turn her big day is in TWO WEEKS!!! I can't believe it my little sister is graduating high school!! I feel like I just graduated high school!!

Well, I guess this is the time where I should end! I know there is more I wanted to share with all of you but for right now I am going to end.

Hope you all have terrific Sunday tomorrow!!

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Stepheny Weaver said...

Hey Ging! :) Hows it going? Did you get my last email I sent you? The one about the story? ANyway, if you did let me know. BTW, there are pics of my little baby on my blog... . wearing YOUR dress you gave her! :) She is absolutley beautiful in it! :) Go look and COMMENT! :)

Also, could you get a hold of Mackenzie for me? She isn't returning my emails... I need her to do a template and back ground for me.... thanks girl!

BTW, I love your new template! :) Oh, and ONLY TWO MORE MONTHS.... That baby is going to come quicker than you think! You watch.... take it from my past experience! Can't wait till August!

G2G! Love,