Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why did I have to mention it?

And the story goes...

Tonight we came home from Wal-mart tired and weary from our shopping trip. I got ready for bed and while I was talking to my mom in her room I casually mentioned how I thought it was funny that I had my denim jacket on outside but upstairs I need summer pj's on.

WELL... pay very close attention people this is when it gets VERY interesting! "Oh, Ginger lets take one of the fans your dad brought home tonight and put it in your window!" (Pause briefly) A friend of my dad's gave him a bunch of window fans. (Back to story) "We? Mom...I don't think...we should try..." So, my mom asked Aaron and Aaron had NO idea what we were talking about so my mom said lets do it! (Mind you this is my very expectant mother that has more spunk than my five year old students!) So, I followed along beside her along with Aaron and the window bashing I mean window fanning begins.

Let me explain our first mistake...We should have taken the butterfly window clings off the window...

One of my poor butterfly wings got stuck between the window while my mom tried to lift the window.

Ya...this is a problem we can't move the window up or down so my mom says..."Ginger, do you have a CD you are not partial too?" "Ahhhhh....(Biting my lip) ummm...." She looked around quickly and found a nail file. All the poking and pushing she did with that poor nail file the butterfly still didn't budge.

Second mistake: Asking my dad to help.

"Susie, sit down let me give it a try." Mom and I in unison "Don't throw out your back!"

*Pop* *Slam* *Bang* "Ron, be careful!" My mom said. "Dad, does this mean bugs are going to come in my room?" I asked... My dad *Silent*

As I watched pieces of the glass panel land in the brown paper bag my brother brought up I was more than happy to hear that the storm window did not break so bugs and such could not come in my room.

However, my mom is not a quitter! "Ginger, the fan.." It was as if she was the surgeon and I was her nurse I handed her the fan. She then told me to hold the fan in place while she closed the window I was scared...I thought the window would shut on my fingers but it was okay I was fine and the window fan was in and if I didn't look directly at the gaping whole where a panel should be I was enjoying the cool air.

The rest of the family that came up to watch the show went back down stairs and I sat on my bed and stared out the window. It was pitch dark outside however all of the sudden I saw a HUGE moth near my window. Carole was busy at the computer and I tried to draw her attention to the window but she was not interested.

I went down stairs and was telling my parents how HUGE this moth was. After I showed them by my hands how big it looked they were getting convinced it was a luna moth up there. So, the great home school mom of mine decided she needed to come up with me again...and inspect this moth.

"Ginger, is this (She points to the window) the moth..." "Ya isn't HUGE?" "Honey that's a bat!" *Jaw falling to my feet* "B...b...b...BAT???" "Yes, a bat. A baby bat!" "Is is out side or inside my window???" "Ohh." My mom says.... "It's outside."

Yes...bloggie peeps that should of been a relief so why am I keeping on opening my shades and peeking at the upside down bat on my window?

Sigh...I am now cold, WIDE AWAKE and staring at a strange scary creature that squeaks! The first time I hear it squeak I am OUT OF HERE!

I am now going to bed....and all ready to dream about upside down bats! Eeeeek!!!


Stepheny Weaver said...

Ginger you are HILARIOUS! I loved reading this makes me feel like we are not the only "Humans" out there! The bat thing was very funny!/.... Let me tell you a story!

My two cousins are in their room and they see this big "thing" hanging.... they run downstairs to mom who also walks in there... it starts flying around. (mind you, this is IN their room... so she screams, shuts the door and leaves it for my Uncle to find. My Uncle trying to be the BRAVE man walks upstairs to try and kill it. Well he walks in the room and says to my Aunt and 5 and 3 year old cousins (whose room the bat has decided to take residence in)"There is no bat in here! You guys are crazy" Just then...... he turns around and (bats are blind during the day)........... THE BAT HEADS STRAIGHT FOR HIM!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The bat had been hanging over the door way. Right underneath his head! SO my Uncle RUNS out of the room and closes the door and as far as we know the bat is still in there... they haven't opened the door since, Can't say as I blame them either! The boys are sleeping elsewhere, and every now and then my Aunt will walk past tempted to open the door, when she hears... SQUEAK! That stops her in her tracks! lol :)

Have a great day Ginger.. I'll be praying that the bat leaves your window! YOU pray that it leaves the room... SOMEHOW!


Stepheny Weaver said...

By the way..... the bat that was in their room was NOT a baby... it was FULLY GROWN!

lol :)


Jodi said...

lol ... this is why I love reading your blog ... you are hillarious !!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ew yuck!!!! And after putting the fan in your window you definitely did NOT need your summer pj's, right?! ;) I end up sleeping under fleece blankets during the summer because of the air conditioning. :P