Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy "late" 4th Of July!

I love this time of year. Where us as Americans can celebrate what God has given us. What many men have fought and died for and to rejoice over the fact that we truly are Americans.

This past weekend. My family came down to Mimi's to spend the weekend with her. We had a wonderful time. Saturday night, we went to a parade. It was Jeremy's very first parade.
I wasn't so sure how he would enjoy the sirens and the loud marching bands. But as soon as that first siren blew he was in love. He absolutely loved every single bit of the parade.

We were just in cuteness city as he started clapping his hands and moving his head back and forth. At one point he raised both his hands and we needed to remind him that we were Baptists! ;)
Our family has always loved the fourth of July. My dad has taught his children well to appreciate and enjoy this holiday. We have always enjoyed the parades and the fireworks. Our annual cookout and even our "patriotic" clothing. I think Jeremy is now an official lover of the 4th as well!
This weekend we are having our annual 4th of July cookout. And at the end of the night our town puts on an excellent show of fireworks that we can actually see while we sit in our front yard.

Last year we didn't have a cookout because Carole's graduation was so close to the fourth but we are having one this year. I for one am excited! It's going to be a fun time! AND it's Jeremy's very first fourth of July cook out. So if that doesn't sound like fun I don't know what does! :)

I hope you all have been enjoying our freedom this 4th! Pictures of the cookout will follow sometime after Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww! Love the pictures!!! Sounds like Jeremy loved the parade--how adorable!