Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday...

to me...:DWow, I can not believe a whole year has past already! It feels like it was just yesterday I was writing on here saying I hoped my little brother would come early on my birthday. He came two weeks after my birthday but it was still the greatest birthday gift ever.

This morning when I stumbled down the stairs I was greeted by my birthday gift. Jeremy gave me the biggest smile and wrapped his chubby arms around my neck.

Of course, a minute later I stumbled back up the stairs to sleep another hour to then be woken up by my mom with an omlette and two English muffins smothered with orange marmalade. Breakfast in bed. How can a start of birthday be better than that? Of course when I came down stairs we needed a birthday picture of me and Jeremy which is the picture above.

As I started to write this post just randomly another birthday came to mind.

It was a Sunday morning my eighth birthday. I have always LOVED my birthday. My mom had put two tiny packages on my bed next to my pillow. I tossed my tangle locks over my shoulder and opened up the gifts to my utter surprise there sat two pairs of earrings.
I jumped up and ran to my mom she met me at my bedroom door. "Ginger, I am okay but I need to go to the hospital. "(I can't remember why she had to go...) I was utterly crushed until she said the next sentence. "So Mr.H (Friends of the family) will bring you,Carole and Aaron to church and then he will bring you back to their house."
My Sunday morning went well my Sunday school class sang me "Happy Birthday" and then it was on to the H's house. But first we needed to stop at the store. Carole and our friend Mackenzie bounced around the store in such high giddy spirits that only a birthday can do to you. Aaron walked side by side with Mr.H while Mrs.H laughed at the crazy little girls in front of her.
We entered their house after the grocery store where Carole, Mackenzie and I ran into her bedroom and started playing with barbies. With my new Barbie furniture.
We had a special lunch, and then a cake (The surprise grocery trip was to get me a cake. I had no clue!) I then got to open some gifts.
It's funny the little things I remember.
But that birthday always makes me smile. Because that family didn't know the 3 us were coming over on my birthday the day before it was all last minute that morning. But they weren't going to have an eight year old girl being sad on her birthday.
That made my day extra special!
More details on my 23rd birthday coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday again, Ginger!!! :) Hope you're having a great day!! (Such a cute picture!)

Sounds like your 8th was quite an eventful day! :) Glad your friends made it special for you!

Go enjoy your day!!


Jennifer said...

So happy you had a happy Birthday:)

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday, Ginger !!!!!!!!!! Hope your day is full of sunshine, smiles, hugs and happiness!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ginger!!!!! :) Hope you've had a great day!

I love the pic of you and Jeremy together. Just too cute! :)


Sophie said...

Happy birthday !

Stepheny Weaver said...

Well I hope you had a special birthday because you are a special person!

I hope you had a great day...
Birthday wishes,
p.s. Jeremy is ADORABLE... he gets cuter eveytime I see him!