Monday, July 19, 2010

So I'm still up...

I started pondering on the subject of blogging as I sat here on my bed hopping on one blog after another.

The reason why I was pondering about it is because I haven't been doing it. And lately I was thinking about the fact that I blog more during the school year then I do in the summer and I was wondering how that happens.

It's the truth when I say I have more time now than I do in a school year. It's the truth when I say I am home more now then when I am teaching so how come I have only blogged three times this month?

My answer: I don't have one.

I guess it's just a question that will have to linger in cyberspace.

So, it's 1:14 AM. I'm still awake and I am loving it. I have always enjoyed summer. I have always enjoyed the freedom of staying up late the sweet truth that my alarm clock will not wake me up in the morning. (Although Jeremy and his lovable kisses will) but that right there out does the alarm clock any day!

However, one thing I am not enjoying about this summer is this dreaded heat wave. It's been so hot these past few weeks. Tonight, I was thinking about sweaters, and leaves, and the cool crisp fall air. Don't get me wrong bloggie people I am not wishing away my summer I just won't be to disturb when Fall comes along. I mean really bloggie people what does Fall bring? My precious students!

I was able to see most of them yesterday at a students birthday party. I had a fun time talking to friends and enjoying finding out what my adorable jewels are doing during these hot days. I even was given a surprise before I left.

One of the parents had all my students and students parents sign a a nice big birthday card for me and then directed all my students to walk a line to where I was sitting outside. Each student came over and hugged me and thanked me and then handed me the card. It was simply heart wrenching! I just love my adorable students.

Oh, yes that made me think of something my birthday is coming up!! I know it's hard to believe it's here again but it is. But more on that later.

Well, I am finally getting tired. So I guess I shall close for now.

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Steaky said...

I, too, share in your paradox. When I'm the busiest blog posts just fly from the keyboard onto the screen...when we're lazying around, my mind is blank! I think thats somewhat of a blessing. Letting your mind rest and have some downtime will only make future posts even better! Take care and know that the sweaters and falling leaves will arrive, sooner or later!