Monday, June 18, 2007

Watering Hearts

Fifteen year old Cassie Banks watched the moving truck drive away from her new street. They had just unpacked the last of the boxes from the truck and now she was there to stay. She looked at her new house a two story structure painted in a soft peach that had a lovely wrap around porch.

Although, Cassie could not see the beauty because her eyes were clouded with fear. All she knew was gone. Her friends were states away, her school was only a memory and that small house that was her whole life now had another girl sleeping in it. She could feel tears threatening to come down her cheeks as she focused her gaze around the neighborhood. Two houses were close in proximity. The others were scattered around the street.

She watched as an elderly lady climbed her front steps after she had just retrieved her mail. She mentally shook her head almost in shock that the lady didn’t fall back on her backside. She looked like she could hardly walk. The strangest thing though she could not take her eyes from her. She was thankful that the women made it in her front door when Cassie’s mother called from their own.

“Sweetheart, what are you doing out here? Don’t you want to go start unpacking your things up in your room?” Cassie shrugged as she started up the steps. “I guess!” Althea Banks wrapped an arm around her only child’s shoulders. “Come Fall you will meet so many new friends you won’t know what to do with them all.” Cassie tried to smile. “Maybe.” Althea gave her a reassuring nod. “You will and besides we will be attending the same church that the school is in, so you may already have a few friends before the year even begins.”

Cassie walked into her new home and saw the many boxes around the open living room, down the hall and even lined up against the wall going up the stairs. Her mom laughed “I had no idea we had packed so much!” Cassie could only stare. She realized what her summer would entail, unpacking! What fun, she thought sarcastically as she plopped herself on the couch that sat in the middle of the living room. She watched her dad fool around with the television set that sat on some more boxes. “Hey Cass, I set up the DVD player to the TV so at least you can watch movies until we have things situated here and then we will have the cable guy come.” “Thanks dad.” She said in almost a whisper. It was getting harder and harder to keep those tears in and her father knew it. Jake could tell by his daughter’s avoiding eye contact that she was trying to hide her emotions. He watched as her fine eye lined eyes blinked in a consecutive motion. He knew that she was not going to make it much longer without shedding a tear.

He stood up from his kneeling position on the floor revealing his over six foot frame and slowly made it to his daughter’s side on the couch. “How’s my baby doing?” Cassie couldn’t struggle any longer. She bit her lip and looked away but it didn’t work. Huge tears started running down her cheeks. Jake of course, not surprised wrapped his arms around her and let her cheek rest against his chest. “You know baby, it will not last forever this pain you feel, this fear. God will take it away if you let Him. You have a new place to show others God’s love and show them Cassie Banks, the sweetest girl in the world.” Cassie couldn’t talk she only nodded against her father as she let her emotions go. Althea stood in the door way letting her own tears fall unchecked down her cheeks, praying that her daughter would find a new friend.
Written by:Ginger

To be continued...


haert2home said...

Again with the tears, Ginger?! What are you trying to do to me?? Great writing as always. How did you come up with that title? Loved it.

Debbie said...

You better continue it. How dare you leave me hanging after such a story? it was great, but i need to read the next chapter!!! That is so neat, how you can write a short story, and still make me curious with all those mysterious comments. well, i will be waiting for the next chapter, and this is one story you can't stop. ok? Promise?