Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cabin Fever!

First off I need to say congratulations to my two good friends Susie and Debbie!! They graduated high school today! They are missionaries out of the country and that is the only reason I am not there.

You can probably tell by my title that the lack of transportation is really becoming a drag! I am hoping and praying that the mechanic will be bringing our car home today saying it's all fixed and ready to be taken on a road trip.

How I want to feel the wind in my face and watch the trees go by listening to good old Southern Gospel music. Okay, okay so we have a mini van....with tinted windows so I wouldn't necessarily feel the wind in my face or see the trees go by but you get the picture!lol...

Because, if the car is not fixed soon I think I may just loose my mind! Reading is not doing the trick and TV I can only watch for so long. Jumping on the trampoline until my legs feel like they are going to fall off or my head is going to burst is not distracting enough. Walking and getting bombarded with huge moths that look like mini bats is getting on my nerves. Talking on the phone until my ear feels like it's going to fall off is just not doing the trick.

I was just talking to my friend (aka my sister's bestest friend)and we were saying how we need to get down to where she lives and where most of my family is. It's driving us insane! We need to get down there! I am praying that we will, real soon!

I miss my Mimi so much! It's really been way too long since we have seen everyone!! Today we walked to the post office to get some stamps so I could mail the invitations for our Fourth of July cookout. They turned out so cute and I am sure everyone will like them!

Well, one good thing about not being able to go anywhere is I have been able to get alot of things done! I even cleaned my room. Now that was a miracle!! lol...

Okay, I guess I should end for now.


Julie's Jewels said...

That is always one thing you can do when you have nothing else...clean your room. LOL!! My oldest daughter walks around here talking of how she is bored at times and I always tell her there is a room that needs cleaning...her room!! Funny thing is though that she never wants to clean it. Well may not never...but she says she has to be in the mood. What's all that about anyway? LOL!!

Melissa said...

hey there, you commented on my blog like forever ago, and I am just now getting around to returning the favor! LOL! :) It was nice to meet you, I'll stop by again.

Anonymous said...

thanks for writing about our graduation. that was cool. ok, so our graduation went well, and I didn't fie of fright or nervousness when I had to give my speech. so now I am relieved and glad its over, and now I appreciate it. - debs

Anonymous said...

oops. i made a spelling error. i jsut want to clear up that sentence: and I didn't DIE (fie) of fright or nervousness

Anonymous said...

Hey there best friend!!!
Sorry it has taken me like FOREVER to sign your blog...but I have finally gotten around to it!! Thanks for congratulating us. Glad its finally over...then again it went so fast I cant believe it IS actually over!! Thanks for all your prayers. It was a success.
God is soooo good!!
Your sister in Christ,