Sunday, June 3, 2007

Lightning and birthdays!

Okay, I am not happy!! My color is gone. I went on blogger, signed about fifty times before it let me actually sign in and then I proceeded to get the color I wanted. Then I realized it's gone! No more color. I am mad!

Well, okay I'm done about that. I'm sorry I haven't blogged for a few days now. It was not intentional but, I guess I am one busy person. lol... Well, we also have had some thunder storms. Yes, I am one who stays far away from electronics and water when there is a storm outside.

No, it's not a myth that people have been struck while on their PC, on the phone (my mom has been one) and in the shower! Killed even (not my mom) lol.... Somebody who was related to me a cousin's sister's aunt or something was struck by lightning. She was wearing wire glasses. (Yes, it was a long time ago but it still happened. Lighting is lightning.) why have I gone on this scary subject? I do not know. But I am sure you can tell I am one who'd rather not have thunder storms. I don't know what people are talking about when they say thunder storms are peaceful. How is that peaceful? Ohhh I just love to hear the rumble of the thunder how it vibrates the house and the lightning how it fills the sky with electricity what a thrill!

Okay, so Benjamen Franklin was one who was obsessed with the storms and without him I guess I wouldn't be typing on my pc this very instant. Although, can you imagine holding that kite with the key and the lightning! EEK! I think I'd rather have stuck with the kerosene lamps. Although, do you ever wonder how many houses caught fire because of those lamps?

lol...Boy can I ramble! Okay, so what else is new ummmmm my birthday is almost a month away!! Another confession about me. About a month before my birthday I turn back into a little girl. I LOVE my birthday!! I am already telling my parents what I would love to have. I'll give you a few examples lol...I'm sure you would love to know. Cassidy the newest Lori Wick book will be out right before my bday. (How nifty is that?) Some TV Seasons, love those seasons. A laptop!!!! lol...okay so, I know I am dreaming there. Hmmmm...and I don't know what else. I have a month to think about it. I'm sure I'll let you know. lol...

Well, speaking of birthdays I need to wish my big brother Stephen a happy birthday!! Happy bday Steve!

I guess I should end for now. have a good night!


Goldfish said...

I loved your ramblings!...very interesting. LOL! I want more. :D A new Lori Wick book, hmmm, don't let Suzanne know or I'll have to buy it for her! Shhhh! :D

Julie's Jewels said...

You are so funny!! I for one do LOVE thunderstorms. I love the cloud formations and how the sky looks as it is rolling in. I love the thunder and lightning (it reminds me of the power of God). I love the rain and the threat of tornadoes and watching the sky when there is a threat of them. I know...I'm wierd. I know a couple of people who are nuts like me...but not many. I have to say though...that I like to be at home when there is any of this going on. I don't like being out driving around.