Saturday, September 27, 2008

A rainy day.

", do you think it would be possible for us to wash our hair in the rain?" *Smile* That was me and Carole tonight, coming home from Wal-mart with jugs of water in the trunk of our car. Aaron just about thought we were nuts as we started laughing, imagining ourselves singing in the rain, fully clothed, with shampoo running down on our faces.

Well, you will be happy to know we were only half kidding. But the other half was not all too thrilled knowing the water supply in our house had come to a stop. The time of year for cold weather is coming once again and the way things are looking now, our well was just frozen. Thankfully we keep an electric heater in our well (not in the water) for just this purpose. All this talk may be lost on my city folk readers, but, if I have some mountain peeps you will all feel my pain when I say having a well is not always fun!

The shower is now going and the faucet has water. So we may not look like some sad raggedy people walking into church tomorrow. Thank goodness!!!:)

We went yardsaling today in our rainy state but I am afraid the drippy mess was just not yardsaling weather. So we did not do that great at all. Although Carole found a Melissa and Doug wooden planner for preschoolers:) For 50 cents and all the pieces came with it. I did find a novel at the thrift store for two dollars and seventy five cents. It's a Christian novel by Lynn Austin. Hopefully I will get myself to just sit down and read it!!

Well, I guess I need to get off. It's getting late. Have a great Sunday!


Mrs. H said...

City folk? City folk?

What, like I've never seen Laura have to wash her hair in the crick? We city folk can be quite knowledgeable about such things as frozen wells, you know.

We have televisions. We watch Frontier House.

Although I must say that the visual of an electric heater in a well of water just escapes me. I know you say it's not in the water but it's just the idea of that whole water electricity thing. Just be sure Pa wears rubber soled shoes when he moseys out to do his mornin' chores.

Goldfish said...

I totally know what you mean about the water thing. It's really annoying at our house, because our well is practically dry, so when the cattle drink a lot of water, that means no shower time (or dishes for that matter! =).

Sis. Julie said...

When we had a well at our other house we kept an electric heater in our well house to keep it from freezing up too.

I've washed my hair in rain water before. It makes my hair feel so soft. Its been a long time since I've done that though.