Thursday, September 4, 2008

Okay, so now what?

I am actually blogging two times in one week. Wow, a huge milestone these days. I am home from another wonderful day at the school. I am not just saying that either. I know everyone can see in the way that I write that I am on cloud nine, and I really am. But this school is special and it's special to me. I love being able to be a part of it.

Today I made another milestone. I actually did Physical Education with my k4 students. HAH! I tell ya that was one thing I was not looking forward to! I am by no means athletic! And actually imaging me with a pair of sneakers (I am afraid my heels just wouldn't go in the gym) and a whistle made every member of my household burst with laughter. No faith in me, I tell ya!! LOL was the day. No more procrastinating, I needed to do gym with my little ones. It was the afternoon. We finished our math and it was time. I told them the rules of PE that they need to listen for my whistle (Boy, me with a whistle who knew?)

They were all giddy and jumpy, smiles galore. I needed to put my fear of teaching PE away and just try to do it and do it right. I mean they're only five, right? How hard can it be??

We tipped toed down the school stairs (Yes that has become our new routine "quiet as mice" I say) I put their sneakers on and then take off the sneakers of the boys who put them on them selves (On the wrong feet) and changed them quickly. We go into the gym where once again I laid down the ground rules and then what?? I think to myself. Well, thankfully I had asked a couple other well experienced teachers in the school and they gave me great ideas. "They're at a young age, running across the gym floor will be plenty of exercise for them." Okay that I can do.

"When you hear my whistle stop running!" (Speaking to myself) "Okay Ginger you can do it blow the whistle!" *There is no whistle blowing* Children still running in the gym. "You can do it, blow the whistle!"

Okay so I am not sure when my aversion to whistles started. I am not a huge "bring attention to me" kind a gal. Well okay, I am a big please "don't bring attention to me" kind a gal. So blowing a whistle signals the whole school that Ginger is down stairs attempting to play gym teacher. Well, okay, so nobody is going to be running down to watch me like a hawk and it's really no big deal. But hey, I am shy what can I say? These thoughts just form, it's my nature. *Cheekiest grin*

Well, you will be happy to know that we did more than running. I actually felt brave enough to blow that whistle (As softly as I could possibly make it) *GRIN*

Okay, I am really working on the whole shy thing. I think I am getting better. I have actually heard people say "Hey Ginger's learned to talk!" Yup.....really trying on the shy thing and now blowing whistles....wearing gym shoes....I guess this is what you call growing up!


Mackenzie said...

Oooh, ooooh!! I can tell 'you what'!! POST SOMETHING ELSE!!!


Megan said...

Oh how fun! I'm sure you are such a great teacher Ginger! Have a wonderful week in the classroom!

Jacob said...

Hey, Ginger!

Haven't stopped by for a while, but here I am. Glad to hear you're having such a blast. This reminds me how much I enjoy teaching. Sometimes I wonder if it's not still in my future somewhere.

Just remember: even in the midst of the best times, keep your heart on the Lord or you'll be disappointed. (Psalm 62:10b)

Stop on by my blog anytime-- I'm still alive! :)

Peace. --Jacob