Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Some days seem to fly by and others seem to last forever! The waiting game is hard! When you know it's so close waiting seems to take forever!

I watch my mom get more tired each day. I watch her sit on the glider in the nursery with her tummy nice and big folding little blue over alls and little pj's. I run my hand across the top of the crib and I think soon! Very, soon I will get to hold my baby brother and kiss his little head!

Well, in other news I wanted to wish my very good friend Morgan Denise a happy birthday!! I tell ya July is just the month for birthdays! I think this bundle of joy should be born on my birthday!!:)

Well, once again I am allowing myself to stay up oh so late! And should really head to bed! But I wanted to keep my promise and update sooner than later!


Jessica said...

I know, it seems like these last few weeks are going by the slowest!! Then again... sometimes I think about the fact that in just a few weeks I'll have a new little baby, and it seems so close!! I can't wait till we can both share pictures of the new additions. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, thanks Ginger!!! How sweet!! Your little brother just MIGHT come on your birthday!! Can't wait to see pictures of the cute little guy!!!!