Friday, March 26, 2010

I don't know about you...

But I'm having a GRAND time over here. It has been so much fun writing these posts. I am so thankful my mind has not gone blank and every day I have a new post ready to write. All of your sweet comments are just making my day!

Well, like I promised today is the day that I am going to explain about my give away. Some of you may be aware of it some may not but every time you comment on ANY of my posts you are entering in my give away. If you win and rather not have the prize. Simple, just comment or email me and let me know. I'll pick someone else. No worries, feelings will not be hurt!

Some of you have asked "What" I am giving away. Well, I am not going to go into specifics but everything I'm giving away is wrapped up in things I talk about on here "Reading" and "Music" (Hint: more reading than music) But that's all the hints I'm giving you.

I have mention I am having THREE give aways in honor of my THREE years in blogging.

So I am going to have one blog give away...*Clearing Of Throat* today. One "when you least expect it" and one on the BIG day. My blogaversary on April 14th.

Keep on commenting and you may just be the winner. Also if you haven't yet post my blinkie on your blog. It's just too cute to waste! ;)

Oh and yes I already have the winner. But I am going to work on the winners post so see you in a bit!


Katarina said...

OH, think you might be worse then I am in stringing people along. lol At least your having fun through it all. (Yes, I am greatly enjoying the posts. :D )

Britt said...

WhooHoo!!!! Can't wait for the give aways!!! :D Music and reading...NICE!!!!!! :D :D


Sophie said...

That's a great idea ! I don't have a blog though :( btw Jeremy is very cute ! he seems to be a very joyful baby !!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks for the hints, Ginger! :)