Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Sweetie!

In the last week while we have been strolling down memory lane on 3 Years And Counting so many of you have shared your love for my Jeremy posts.

Of course you just make the big sisters heart swell even more for the little guy as you all tell me how sweet he is!

I wish you all lived closer so you could hear his giggle, play peek a boo, laugh so hard as we go through the motions of patty cake. But whats the second best thing? Pictures of the doll face!

This picture was taken at Marshall's. Isn't he adorable?? We were stopped so many times this day telling us how cute he was. He slept the whole time. Not once waking up until we put him in his car seat!

And so on...

It seemed like forever for Jeremy to come into this world.

And now he is almost eight months old. Soon I will be posting that he is one! Can you believe it?

I would have to say one of my favorite things to blog about is Jeremy. He cracks me up, makes me smile and makes me so thankful that he is ours.
Once again, if you are new thank you for coming by. Over at Pieces Of My Heart we are having a celebration over here for my three years in this bloggie world. We having flash backs, fun posts and give aways! Visit again and let me know you stopped by!


Jennifer said...

Oh I love your little brother,he is such a cutie!!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute! And that picture of him asleep! Oh my goodness!! (Actually I liked all three pictures. ;) )


Mrs. H said...

That pic of Jeremy sleeping in the shopping cart is just too much! What a riot!!

The anticipation we all felt waiting for his arrival is something I won't ever forget. Well, that, and the fact that your mom looked fresh as a daisy from beginning to end. I try not to be bitter. It's hard.

Thanks for posting updates and pics. It keeps the Aunties going till the next time you visit. :)

Anna Joy said...

Aww he is way too cute! Baby boys are wonderful, aren't they?

Jessica said...

It seems like just a little while ago that we were on here sharing ultrasound photos, talking about how we couldn't wait for them to be born!! And soon they will both be having 1st birthday parties. How time flies.

I'm sure your mom would agree with me... I wish the pregnancy went as fast as the 1st 9 months of their life... and that the 1st 9 months of their life went as slow as the pregnancy!! :)

Jodi said...

Ohhh! Jeremy is sooo cute !!! Breanna loved the picture of him sleeping while you shopped! lol