Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, I'm up!

So, in my mind I came to the conclusion. I would be awake laying in bed so why don't I be awake on my laptop instead.

See, bloggie friends, the mean, icky,gross,mean.mean cold decided to grace my house hold. However, my mom and I were the lone survivors. We were not easily persuaded into the colds grubby hands and then my mom started coughing, and her throat was sore...and well, she was down.

...but not me I held my ground I was NOT going to get SICK again. It just was not going to happen. I popped those oranges in my mouth, drank plenty of orange juice, ate strawberries and bananas I basically could be mistaken as the first human fruit salad. I washed my hands, I kept my distance...

...but it didn't help...

Yesterday morning my throat was a little scratchy as the day progressed I started sneezing and by the end of the night I had the chills.

Yup, the lone survivor stuff wasn't happening I was the last one to get sick and indeed I got sick. I now can't fall asleep. I know I should try but I am so stuffed up and congested.

I feel terrible! :( *GULP* I know, it's late very late *GULP* 2:19 in the morning. But last night at this time it was 1:19 in the morning. Does that count for anything? So basically it's not that late? Right? Okay I'll stop making excuses, Thankfully, tomorrow I get to rest and by Tuesday I hope I'll be feeling better for school.

I think I'll be heading to bed soon. But before I do I need to tell you I was introduced to a new store this weekend. (Well or new website the store is to far away) It's called Dillard's. They have super cute bags and clothes. (But I haven't looked at all the clothes yet I'm sure some are ummm not that cute) but anyhow they are really expensive. But maybe they will have a sale one day! I really, really liked there stuff!!

Okay, I will be going to bed now. (Or trying too)

Have a great Monday! And please keep (My sick family) in your prayers!! Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Oh funny you've never heard of Dillards! There is one semi-near us so I've been in it several times in the past. (And yes it is expensive!) know how I said I hadn't gotten the cold either? Apparently we just have enough of an immune system to hold us over until everybody else got over it. :)

And I thought that was so funny about how 'last night at this time it was only 1:19'. Haha!

Hope you feel better soon! :)


Anonymous said...

Hope you all get feeling better soon! :)