Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog Hopping!

Okay, confess you were one to hop scotch every where you went huh? At the grocery store you would use the large squares on the floor to hop around while your mom would push the cart following her list. She would glance back and see her precious child hopping around your braids whipping you in your face and she would smile before she weighed her tomato's.

You would just itch until it was your turn to try your best to be the "hopscotch" winner at the playground. Your mom would joke around telling her friends she jumps more than she walks.

You were that little girl weren't you?

Not me.

I am "hopping" challenge. I could not hop scotch or jump rope if my life depended on it. My large foot would always get caught in the rope and I would fall to my face. Sigh...big feet.

So, when I was nineteen I discovered a hopping I actually could do. And my poor big feet could stay on solid ground. I discovered "How to blog" what I needed to do was "hop" around find blogs that had the same standards I had that I could relate too and "comment" on their blogs. Some never commented back on mine but the majority came back over to mine and some stayed. Others found me first and I discovered how much I enjoyed their blogs.

It's amazing how one blog, one author, one post could encourage you, humble you, challenge you as much as some of theses blog authors have done to me.

You know not only posts can make an impression but comments as well...

There is one comment I received early on that surprised me to no end. It aggravated me it annoyed me but most of all it made me sad for this person. It was my first negative comment and I decided after I prayed about it that I needed to write a post about it.

The comment was this "Ginger, you are afraid to die so you believe in fairy tales." First I was glad this person pointed this out to me because I had no idea I was afraid to die! Am I Living A Fairy Tale?

This afternoon as I hopped all around the blogsphere it brought back some wonderful memories. Where I would discover a new blog and want to read every post the author had ever written. It was like buying a new novel and just can't put it down.

I was glad I "made" the time to blog hop today it was so refreshing it was so fun and it gave me an idea for my next 3 years and counting post! ;)

I know some of you have already told me how you found my blog but if you haven't yet. Why don't you jot it down on my comment box. It would be fun to read about it and if you already had still comment! It's been so fun hearing from all you keep those comments coming!


Katarina said...

How did I find your blog? Ummmm....I can't remember exactly when or how. But I think I was blog hopping. I'm good at that, google reader is my best friend in that I can read a "million and one" blogs and still be able to read the blogs that I really like and blog hop, (I'm queen at that, ask my family).

I have greatly enjoyed your blog for many different reasons. From a young lady mt age facing the same things I am facing--hopping on with that one glass slipper because we both know that God has someone in mind and we are willing to wait.

To someone my age with a little sibling in the house. (Currently mine range from 20 to one due in May) it's tons of fun to see other older siblings enjoying their younger siblings at any age!!

Other than that i just enjoy reading your post and there have been a number of times when you posted something that encouraged me.

And thanks for leaving the comment on my blog. :D

Anonymous said...

You know, that's how I would've pictured you as a little girl--when I was reading that first part I was thinking, 'yep, that's Ginger', and then you said you're 'hopping challenged'--that surprised me. :) (I was one of those people who didn't necessarily HOP at the grocery store, but I did step only on certain squares. ;) )

So that's your random comment of the night. lol


Jennifer said...

I think I found your blog through a comment on somebody else blog:) I am so happy I found it!!

ladyfelicity said...

I think I hopped to your blog after reading a (very sweet) comment you left on Ashleigh's "Heart and Home" blog.

Thank you for the comment you left on my blog - I love comments! :)


Sophie said...

You're listed on the contemplations of courtney's blog. ^^

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I just found you blog. from the comment you put on Jennifer's Blog " Child of the King (I Like giveaways!!) that is what brought me over here!

I was a child that hopped from one square to the next in the store. There were gray and white squares they were "big" to my small feet and legs and I remember how fun it was to see how fasts I could hop them. Also me and my siblings had a lot of fun doing hopscotch on our city sidewalks. It seems so long ago... but just like yesterday... In that small city lot little children playing. I wonder when and how I grew up!

I like to blog hop too! I have "met" so many nice ladies that I would have never known if I had not hopped around!

Anonymous said...

I came from Aunt Morgan's blogroll. :) Now I just use my bookmark!! :D