Friday, March 19, 2010

the number three

I usually hit the alarm clock three times before I get up in the morning.

When I was three years old I realized my day could not start without making my bed (I have a picture to prove it. Lining up my stuff animals and straitening up the blanket)

My nephew Devyn is a VERY active three year old. Who is loads and loads of fun!

The end of August will start my third year teaching!

Three years since my cousin Tommy went to be with Jesus.

We have had my cat Thumper for three whole years!

And on April 14th it will be three years since I started Pieces Of My Heart.

However back then the title was the same as my blog the life of miss p...has a ring to it don't ya think?

It's hard to believe it has been three years! I was just discussing this very topic with my mom. I was telling her how I am hoping all of you will participate in my anniversary. And how I'm excited about the coming events over at this here blog. ;)

I feel like I just announced my first anniversary and then my second anniversary and now it's coming on my third. And for the big 3 I want to do something special, every anniversary I have a give away...but this year I want a little twist (More info coming soon)

So, if you haven't yet posted three things you like about this blog please do. I think every one will enjoy these few weeks of looking backing, reminiscing, enjoying flash backs and new stuff going on in this blog and in my life.

I love the few comments I received the other day how people like reading this blog because I keep it real. It's a compliment when someone says "I feel like I know you through your blog." That's what I try to do I want you to feel at home as you read my little corner on the net.

So, once again on this post or my last please join the fun! And keep checking back I am going to have a series of posts that all wrap around three years in the bloggy world. It will be fun, it will be journey...come join me...

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