Friday, March 26, 2010

Late night blogging

You know one of the best things about this series is the most smallest things inspire me for a post. After I came back home from mid week service tonight. I brought up a piece of yummy apple pie (That my sweet mommy made) up to my bedroom along with a glass of milk and I quickly signed on to the Internet. I hopped on over to my blog and was so pleased to see 9 comments that had not yet been published.

It has been such fun "meeting" a lot of new bloggers through this series, I have certainly smiled, laughed and just felt pleased that so many of you have mentioned that you are checking back for new posts.

Well, going back to what I said about the smallest things inspiring me it's 1:33 in the morning I just got off the phone with my sweet Mimi (grandmother) and I thought well maybe I will blog after all even though it's really late. I have a day off from school tomorrow so....what's my excuse?

So, lets dive right in shall we? I think you may not be part of the official "bloggie" club unless you have late night blogged at least once. I know I have a dozen times over.

I think sometimes those creative juices start flowing when even the "counting sheep" have fallen asleep.

For me I like to lay in my bed with my laptop on my lap the lamp is off the only light is from my screen on my laptop. I occasionally hear Jeremy stirring in his crib down stairs or the cat chomping on his food in Aaron's room the quiet hum of my laptop. I once in while see a car head lights shine through my window. But for the most part the house is silent, outside is pitch dark. And it's just me and my thoughts.

I love to be able to express my deepest thoughts into words I always enjoyed forming meaningful paragraphs with words. Words can describe so much, words have a color, a shape ,a feel all in it's own. Writing is my friend!

But one thing about late night blogging. Your energy seems to disappear fast and you start feeling as though your eyes are going to close without your consent. So I am going to go to sleep.

I would love to see more comments even if you just want to stop by and say a quick "hi!". You say I'm an encouragement to you. Well all of these comments are an encouragement to me. I would like to ask you all back tomorrow where I will be talking more in detail about the give away and what I am actually giving away...or at least a hint! ;)


Sarah said...

I think that late night blogging is one of the best things ever. Okay, so maybe not for our health but for me it certainly is fun!!

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Yes, I am a late nighter too! Not just with blogging! I can sometimes stay up reading a good book until early in the morning. One time I could not put a book down and I read for so long that the roosters started crowing and it started to get that morning feeling. I thought "oops I better get to bed!" I can stay up late blogging but I try to get to bed soon for I want my eyes when I am old. It can get tiring to look at a screen. An eye doc once said not to read just before going to bed and just after waking up. It is hard to remember this when something is so fun and interesting! Like blogging and reading!
I am looking forward to the giveaway info.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the giveaway hint!! I'll keep checking back! :)


Hannah said...

I am a late night blogger. It's usually midnight or latter. I've been as bad as staying up to 2 am on the computer. But that was when I was writing a story for a contest. I won the contest (2nd place) so I think it was worth it even if I did get up REALLY late the next day!!
PS I stay up REALLY late reading too. I'm a really big bookworm!