Sunday, March 21, 2010

3 Years and Counting

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 3-5 and 6

Well, I'm so excited to start this tonight. This will be my official "first post" on my series "3 years and counting."

I have been so excited about this. My goal is to make you smile, maybe have a giggle escape your being, maybe even a tear will slip down your cheek (I will be highly honored if I make you cry! ;) In a good way of course!)

For days now I have been thinking, praying...pondering and pondering what this series will be about, how many people who will read and comment, what you will get out of it, what I will get out of it.

I want this to be something different something you will look forward to checking on after school or work, or after you lay your baby down for a nap. While the chicken is cooking in the oven, or while your toe nails are drying. I want your input and your thoughts (Positive thinking would be nice)

The subject I will be discussing tonight. Will be "Keeping it simple"

I must confess I envy some of you bloggers. I go on some of yours and I will be the 40th commenter and I think how can someone attract so many readers? How is mine different? Am I boring? Do I ramble too much?

I get greedy. Well, I have six commenter's but...will anyone else comment? Is that all?

I had one of those heart to hearts with my mom tonight as I explained how I really want people to not only read but let me know they are reading my blog.

And just as simple it was for me to be whining it was also just as simple for mom to put me in my place.

"Ginger, are you blogging for popularity or to minister to others?"

22 years old nothing when I'm wrong...I'm wrong and I knew in my heart once again mom is right.

But that's how we get sometimes isn't? We want to do the right thing but we also want the credit.

I may never know how many of you that are out there reading my blog, I may never know how many are out there who has been blessed with something I wrote or laughed, or cried or smiled. But what I do know is that I need to stick to it and not allow the lack of comments hinder me of doing something I believe the Lord would have me to do.

I do hope people will come by especially during this season of Pieces Of My Heart and I would love to hear from you but there is no pressure here if you just want to slip in take a back row seat and read and quietly slip back out that is fine. I'm glad you stopped by.

I would like this though if you enjoy my blog and would not mind promoting my blog on yours I would be honored! I do want many, many people to know about this exciting time over here.

There will be fun posts, inter active posts and even 3 give aways!!!!!

Can't wait to see you all back for the next post. Until then have a wonderful night!


Megan.Margaret said...

You know I get the same way! I think this is my third year too! But your mom DEFINITELY has a good point. :) Congrats on the three year point.

Mrs. H said...

Once again, you have shown me the error of my ways! I am totally guilty of being a "lurker". I check in on many blogs that I absolutely l-o-v-e and yet I rarely comment. Their posts make me laugh, cry, or just stop and think. The pics of their homes give me ideas for my own. Sometimes they encourage me without even knowing they are doing so. I guess it's really quite selfish of me to "take" so much from these blogs and hardly ever give back by commenting. Thanks for the nudge.

Better late than are my three (of the many) things that I love about your blog.
*pics of Jeremy
*posts with a pinch of sarcasm, oops, I mean humor.
*your honesty (like when you freely admit that your mom is always right! i love that in a blogger)

And I must add that I "ditto" Morgan's comment about your having preachy posts without being preachy. I know exactly what she meant.

I know this is a long comment but remember I've been lurking so I have to make up for some lost time! <3

Anonymous said...

Well FIRST, I literally almost laughed out loud about how you're highly honored if we cry--and I'm the only one still awake at my house!! LOL

Secondly, I TOTALLY (and that's the second time I've just capitalized an entire word in this comment--strange. ;)) understand about the number of comments, and the thing is, my mom has said like the exact same thing your mom said. :) I do try to LEAVE (there--the number 3 is the magic number right now, right?! ;)), more comments though, because I think that does make a difference--if you don't write on other people's blogs they aren't going to write on yours. Or something like that. ;) LOL

I'm reading some of your "old" posts now--don't think I've ever read the one about the moose before. :)

Oh...and congrats on 3 years! ;)


Stepheny Weaver said...

By the way Ginger... I LOVE your new blog template... it is SOOOOO cute!


Stepheny Weaver said...

Well, I have to comment again! I LOVE your blog. It is the FIRST blog I look at EVERYDAY! I get onto my blog, look over at my side bar, and then, if you've posted something.... I look at it. :)

1. I love the new post you put up "Blast from the Past". I loved the one about the Magazine girl! That was HILARIOUS! That is one thing that I like about your blog.... It is your humor!
2. I love when you post about your life. It shows that you are not perfect, and that you are a person just like the rest of us.
3.I love the pictures of Jeremy!

By the way... when your giveaway is over, could you please go over to my blog and enter Mine! I have been blogging for two years! PLEASE post about it on your blog! I've only had two people enter! :(

Thank you Ginger!


Britt said...

I stop in at least once a day! :) Your blog is one of my favorites!

Mrs. J. Weaver said...

Stepheny has me look at your blog often! 1.
1. Love the pics of your family-especially your adorable brother.
2. Always enjoy your templates!
3. Love the way you sign your name at the end of your entries.
(PS Hope I win-haha)
Have a great day!!

Take care.
Mrs. Weaver
Steph's mom

Anonymous said...

Looove the new look!!


Mackenzie said...

Ooooh! Enter meeeeeee!!

Jessica said...

No matter if you have 6 comments or 60.... I LOVE your blog!! So keep blogging. :)

Sarah said...

Oh, I just love your new template!! Can I be entered in the giveaways? :)

Anonymous said...

I think you said we could comment more than once, right?! ;)

Just checking in to see if there's any new posts from you. :) By the way, I love the way you're doing all of these posts in honor of your 3rd blogiversary instead of just posting a post "this is my 3rd year". It makes it more of a "big deal" and so fun!


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I would like to be entered into the giveaway
The only thing I don't understand is What are you giving away?

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I'm not sure what you are giving away, but I would like to enter :)! This is an interesting way to celebrate your 3rd blogging year, I have never seen anyone do it quite like this!

Hannah said...

ooooooooops! My sissy was signed in and I did not know :) My name is HANNAH and I want to enter your giveaways! ha ha ha! So, that comment from Miss Grace Elizabeth (signed ~Hannah) is from me :)!