Saturday, March 27, 2010

Writer's Block!

Just reading my title makes me want to giggle out loud. How many times have I mentioned this very thing on my blog?

What Shall I write?

A Question

Oh, the woes of writing block

Trying, To Think Of The Perfect Title

Sorry Just A Tease

There once was a blogger...

And it goes on and on and on...

But I guess writer's block comes with blogging. All of us has that moment when you just can't think, when you want to post, subjects are floating in your mind, you think that would one will be good or that one.

And then you sit down at your desk, on the floor, on your bed at the kitchen table, on the couch and set your laptop up go to your nook on the web and glare at that white screen. What was that subject again? Umm what was I going to write and then it happens writer's block. It happens to the best of us I'm afraid.

And that's how it felt this afternoon so many times today I wanted to post, I wanted to write another post for Three Years And Counting celebration and I just couldn't think. My mind went blank and I was going crazy trying to think of a post. Trying to think of what I wanted to say.

I then started thinking how many times this has happened to me and I started to think how many posts I have written over these three years about this very thing.

So, tell me my bloggie friends how do you solve writer's block?

If you are new I am celebrating my third year in the bloggie world. I have been reminiscing, sharing my thoughts, enjoying comments from long time bloggie friends, new bloggie friends and bloggie friends who knew me as a child! ;) I am having three give aways. One was announced last night the other two will be announced when you least expect it. How you enter you may ask...Comment! If you don't have a blog that is fine you can still comment and be entered!


Brittany said...

Well, I pretty much gave up on my blog. :) Not a good solution, but it's what worked for me! ;P I've had "writer's block" since I was born. :D I've always hated writing, so way I started a blog, not even I am sure!! I love to read, so keep it up all you wonderful writers! :D


Jennifer said...

I have writers block a lot here I can't seem to think of nothing to post!! I want to blog and make up wonderful post but when i sit down to write nothing comes

Anna Joy said...

Um I just post a random quote. Lame, I know. But at least it keeps my blog alive.

Jessica said...

Oh, the many times I've sat in font of an empty "New Post" screen and couldn't think of anything to write about!! LOL