Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A question?

I always ask my family this question. If you had the choice what would you have named yourself? lol...Yes...I am drawing a writers block and can't think of one thing to write about. But, stick with me here. This is quite an educated question.

Say if your name was Thelma? Would you really liked that name? No offence to anyone out there named Thelma but....really would that be a name you would choose! If you could choose any name you want would you really choose Thelma?

Okay...how about Arnold...now for some strange reason me and my sister call my brother Aaron "Arnold" or "Arnie." Why, you may ask? I have no clue but I enjoy it fully. Although, Aaron does not see the humor. But, I would never name my poor child that.

I have been told though, that I have strange names for the children I want to have someday. Like Squire. Okay, I happen to like that name and Reginald and Remedy lol....no you did not read that wrong. I thought that would be a neat name for a little girl.

Oh wow, I am boring myself. I will leave you with this small fact. My cats full name is Thumper Alfred Allawishous (I do not know how to spell that). lol...okay, okay I'll get off!


Julie's Jewels said...

My mother in law's name is Thelma. And it suits her. I guess cause I could never imagine her named anything else. As for me....I rather like my name. I don't think I'd want to change it. I used to want to change my maiden name because it was one of those names that gave great opportunity for teasing. But my last name now that I'm married is a very common name and there are thousands of them all over this nation. But at least it is easy to pronounce (unlike my maiden name) and it is more of a "normal" name....LOL!!

Suzanne said...

I am glad you cat has such a creative name. Naming a cat Fluffy or Snowball just isn't as fun!