Monday, May 21, 2007

No time to blog!

Okay, so I really have no time to blog as my title says. But still, I find myself at my pc blogging. Go figure! So, I haven't written in a few days due to fatigue! lol...School was Friday and I had a great time. Although, going over shapes with a first grader was fun but challenging. Besides that, I did reading and writing with a second grader.

I loved how every suggestion I gave her to write on her paper she loved. Apparently she didn't get it when I said "It's only an example come up with one on your own." Next time I am keeping my mouth shut!

Then that night a friend of the family called to tell me she was going to a southern gospel concert. She called numorous times during the concert to let me hear different people sing. Among them my favorites were Signature Sound and The Perry's. I thought that was pretty neat!

Saturday as in yesterday, I read, yapped on the phone and....watched a season finale of one of my favorite shows me and Carole watches every Saturday. Oh, I also painted my nails a pretty dark purple in honor of church today! lol...There was a visitor today at church. That was interesting. Ummm...we went to Walmart after church and went to the grocery store where me and my sister got a chocolate milk. lol...I know all of you are enjoying this!

Well, I really should stop typing I am already dressed for church so that is a plus. But, I do need to put my heels on and some earrings before it's time to leave.So, I will blog later have a great night!

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Mackenzie said...

Post a new blog! I wanna know what IS going on in The Life of Miss P!!