Thursday, May 3, 2007

New York

I can't believe it, but, it has been two months since my cousin Tommy went to be with the Lord. He was twenty six years old and left behind his wife and two young children. He was suffering from Hodgkin's Lymphoma and his battle ended on March third.

We traveled to New York for his wakes and funeral. Even though it was a very tough time we had peace in knowing where he is. He was a born again Christian. We know he is in heaven and one day I know I will see him again because I am also saved. So it wasn't all sorrowful. We had some fun and an interesting time being in Brooklyn.

Well, there is something you need to know. My dad hates the city! He didn't want to be driving our mini van but we really didn't have a choice. We followed my older brother's very huge van around New York City. He had a GPS and my dad knew Stephen knew where he was going. However sometimes the New York drivers didn't appreciate us "tourists" and tried to cut between my dad and brother. lol...that was fun! "Ginger, get on the phone!" Okay, we had a cell in the car and whenever someone got between us and my brother, my dad would flip!

Now we are going through a tunnel and I am wracking my brain "What is his number?" Now I had about three different numbers in the phone for different family members in the other van. I couldn't for the life of me remember how to get them. So I winged it. I dialed a number, a male voice picked up I thought "Oh good, I got it" I said "Stephen, dad wanted me to call you and let you know a jerk just cut us off." I wait for a response... laughter rings through the phone. Why Stephen thought this was humorous is beyond me. And then I knew. .. "Umm...I'm not Stephen." I let that register in my mind. "Oh my goodness, I am so sorry!" "No problem. Sorry about the jerk." lol...ooopps! When I dialed again I got Stephen and they were slowing down for us to catch up.

We definatly had some times to remember on that trip. I might share some more at a later time.

Advice: when you travel through New York make sure you know how to use a cell!


Morgan said...

Sounds like one wild ride, Ginger!
I'm sorry for your loss, I will be praying for Tommy's family!

Jason said...

That is hysterical!!!! I think that is the funniest wrong number story I have ever heard. I can totally picture how red your face was, too. Luv ya girlie!