Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Cross

The cross is such a controversal thing. If you mention Jesus dying on that cross you can have so many reactions. People can say "I do believe he died, but I do not believe he rose again." Or "I believe he was crucified, but I think he was just an ordinary man. Not the Messiah." Or you can have the total opposite "I don't believe he even existed"

I was thinking about this subject on Sunday night when the pastor was preaching about how when Jesus was crucified he had us on His mind. Can you imagine that all the people who deny Christ even existed were on His mind? The people who curse His name every single day, acting like it's as normal as starting the car for work in the morning, were on His mind? How about the ones that turn away his perfect gift of salvation? They were on his mind. The most amazing thing is, I was on His mind. You were on His mind. Sinners that would be saved by the task He sufferd through on the cross, were on His mind.

Wow, it's quite amazing. I love it though that death couldn't hold Jesus. He arose again three days later and is coming again! Are you on His mind right now? Is He tugging at your heart to be saved? Come to Jesus now don't let another day go by.


Kori said...

Great post! We serve such an awesome God. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Lori Wick is my FAVORITE author! I love all her books! I can never put them down!

micah noel said...

Hi Ginger. I found your blog through my sister, Bryant's. You're right when you say that the cross is controversial. Many people are not offended by "God", but when we talk about Jesus they get uncomfortable. This is probably because they do not want to be accountable to Christ's holiness and high standard.