Sunday, May 6, 2007


We went shopping Saturday afternoon and I think I did pretty well if I do say so myself. I bought two tops for six dollars, a skirt for a dollar, a cute purse for three dollars and some other stuff including a cute pink cordless phone! So, I was happy with my finds!

I was able to change my earrings yesterday. I recently got double pierced ears and it hit the sixth week mark yesterday. So last night before I went to bed I changed my silver studs to cute blue ones that I also got on my shopping spree.

Lets see... we went to Burger King for lunch after we went to Marshall's (That's where I got my two tops). We also went to the dollar store where I picked up four graduation bears for my k5 students who are graduating this June. At Walmart we went grocery shopping and that's where I found most of mine finds.

Right now my family is playing Monopoly with the guest pastor who preached at our church today. His wife (my friend) is taking a nap so I decided to skip the game also and write in my blog. I meant to write yesterday after I came home, but for some reason the PC was giving me troubles. So I waited for today.

I guess I should end for now.


Victoria said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I like your blog...

It was great seeing a picture of Lori Wick! You read her books? I love them...and am trying to collect all of them. :D

Have a great day!

Victoria said...

Well, the only Lori Wick books I own is: "As Time Goes By", Promise Me Tomorrow".

I have read the whole series of A Place Called Home except "A Gathering of Memories". All of the "Californians", "Kensington Chronicles", "Rocky Mountain Memories", and "Yellow Rose" (except the first book :D), the "English Garden Series", and most of her novels! I really enjoy her books, but it's quite expensive to order them from the U.S. because of the shipping. :)

I'm waiting for her latest book to come out!

Wow, this is long. Lol. :)

Victoria said...
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Victoria said...

You know, you must be quite sick of me posting comments, but I just thought to ask you for your email address because I'm making my blog private and only those I invite can read it, so I need your email address if you want to be invited. ;) You can email me at: yim[dot]victoria[at]gmail[dot]com.